A Stylish Casual Friday

  1. Joy says:

    Wonderful outfits and recipes

    So sorry about Oscar- seems like just the other day he came on the scene-

    We had to say good bye to our 2 dogs last year-15 and 9- they so loyal and faithful they struggle to stay with you even in their suffering- just hug big O as much as you can , thank him and tell him you will be ok

    Go Texans!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Oscar is still a handsome boy, in spite of his obvious aging. Keep posting pics of him, as long as you can.
    By the way, love your outfit, Beth. Still not sure about coated denim or faux leather pants, but give me a sweater, black pants, and flat shoes and I’m a happy woman.
    Have a great weekend. Stay warm!!

  3. Carolina Girl says:

    Beautiful! I love your outfit, Beth. As always, Kelly looks great too.

    OSCAR! Our favorite celebrity canine … prayers for his continued health and stamina. Wonderful pix of him.

    AND, thank you for the delicious looking cocktail and apps — I keep your recipes!

  4. CharM says:

    It’s joyful and beautiful how blogs such as yours unite diverse families. We’re fortunate to have one another as we encourage and interact. Also, fascinating how humans and pets bond. Oscar and Ollie enrich all of our lives. Cheers to Oscar’s adjusted meds and to more good days. We all can use a measure of grace as we age. Hugs to all.

  5. I just love seeing Oscar and Ollie. I am an animal lover. Love your post.

  6. Cindylou says:

    Is that Spanish chorizo (a hard, cooked sausage) or Mexican chorizo (a soft, raw sausage)? I have access to both. Thanks.

  7. Prayers for Oscar as he gently ages… my heart goes out to him! Love your outfits, especially the tipped sweater. ❤️
    It’s about time the poor Lions win…go Detroit!

  8. Nancy says:

    Wishing you and Oscar the best as you face the reality that love and grief are conjoined twins and we must embrace them both–as you know too well. We lost our beloved 18-year-old sweet old furry family member after a year of Prozac and gabapentine could no longer keep his dementia bearable. I have learned that grief is like beach glass, cutting the heart at first, but eventually softening into beautiful memories. Wishing you both peace and comfort.

  9. Pam - Mpls says:

    I love Kelly’s outfit today. Adorable! My sweet 11 year old pup started on trazodone this fall to help with her
    anxiety and she is much more her old self. Hugs to Oscar❤️

  10. Nancy says:

    Ahhh…sweet Oscar. Sorry to hear he’s having his struggles.
    Both you and Kelly look very cute! I always like a classic look. I have a very similar sweater to what you have on, Beth, but it’s more of a springtime weight.
    Love the coated jeans.
    As far as who I root for; none of the teams that have made it so far, but when it comes down to who’s in the Super Bowl, I’ll pick then!
    Happy Weekend!

  11. Rhoda Clark says:

    Happy Friday! I’m a native Texan, although I was introduced to the nfl, when I moved to Kansas City, Missouri. I fell in love with the Chiefs and the Royals. That was the year after the Chiefs won their first Super Bowl. lol, telling my age. Now I live just outside of Houston, Texas and for the first time in years we have a football team to be over the moon about. I even gave myself Season Tickets to the Texans for my 75th birthday. That was in 2022. At a time when we weren’t playing well at all. But now those years are way behind us and we are proudly wearing our Texans Swag! So,I have been following the playoffs very closely and will be glued to my tv tomorrow to watch my amazing Texans. And yes, with plenty of liquid refreshments and yummy snacks. Go Texans!

  12. Sally says:

    Well done , everybody looks so nice and clean and shop and you’re so sincere about your dog. That’s wonderful you have a nice weekend too.

  13. We lost our two Great Danes, Von Roxhel Darius the Great (Dino) and Diana, within 6 months of each other. I cried secretly for about a year, in the kitchen, early in the morning. We are not over our loss – there is no time to emotion. I am always looking out for Oscar – he’s part of the scene. Also, remind me of the cat’s name. A beautiful creature, no less.

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