Settle into Spring

  1. Savvy says:

    I love following your blog. Friday’s with Felix is always a favourite.
    I want to comment on the last pic posted of you and Kelly….does she actually adore you as much as this photo depicts? I find it to be such a heart warming photo. Framer for sure.

  2. RORY says:

    Enjoyed your post today. You look very springy! I live here in NE Ohio and we are getting there, spring that is. Chicken looks awesome. Hi puppy and cat!

  3. I swear you’re aging backwards. You both look so sweet faced and refreshed. Spring in the South can do that for a gal!
    Oscar and Felix are looking happy.
    Would love to join you and Kelli on the porch. Looks inviting.
    Whew, so glad to have the pine pollen gone. Don’t you hate the creepy little worm looking pollen pods left behind? Fortunately they disintegrate quickly.
    Have a lovely weekend 🩷

  4. Carolina Girl says:

    Great pictures of Oscar! Thank you!

    I like both of your styles … I’m going to look up the linen pants from Haven Well Within as I’m a Talbots fan 🙂

    And look forward to trying your cocktail and recipe 🙂
    Happy Friday!

  5. Sierra Delta says:

    Kelly, what is honey syrup? Is it something to buy or make?

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