Laid Back Summer Style

  1. MaryLynne says:

    That top reminds me me of one my mother made for me which she embroidered herself probably in the 70’s. It was beautiful but no longer fit. I gave it to my daughter in law. I ordered the one from Talbots for sentimental reasons. As per my new rule, I must now remove something from my closet. Thanks so much for your blogs. I enjoy them so much!

  2. Ced Dolder says:

    Kelly is so tiny and so cute. She wears her perfectly for her petite figure. A suggestion to cut her hair in a fun pixie would suit her so much better than her current style, think bangs, neck and ears!!

  3. Sara says:

    I, too, wanted a porch swing on my back porch, which is screened, but didn’t have room. I settled for a glider, which my nephew dubbed the rocking couch, so that is what we call it and I do enjoy it. I finally got my porch swing, which hangs in a frame, beside the pergola in the wooded area in our back yard and enjoy that one as well.

  4. Carolina Girl says:

    OSCAR! And the gauze Talbots top is awesome. Thanks for bringing your Fun Friday!

  5. Diana says:

    Wow! Looking so gorgeous. I like your whole look, the way you style is amazing.

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