fridays with oscar | avocado salmon rice bowl

  1. Linda Wescott says:

    Good grief, Ollie is getting to be so big, that happened fast. Love your Friday clothes, they are so perfect for casusl.

  2. beth djalali says:

    cin cin! i am sooo behind on answering comments. but i hope florence didn’t impart too much damage. xo

  3. beth djalali says:

    i’m so happy to hear this, sue! easy and delicious. does it get any better?! xo

  4. beth djalali says:

    thanks so much for the feedback, diane! it’s funny, but i love cooking and home decor even more than fashion. xo

  5. beth djalali says:

    i have the two best pets in the world! xo

  6. beth djalali says:

    this belt is my new favorite! xo

  7. beth djalali says:

    he sure is! i wouldn’t have it any other way. xo

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