fridays with oscar

  1. Sue Smith says:

    Do you typically do your posts that same day? or do you do several and save them for when you need ’em?! Lovely color combination here and perfect fall transition pieces. Nice to see color even though it’s mixed with some more muted tones. You’re right; the scarf is perfection. Have a great weekend!

    • beth djalali says:

      typically, we have posts in the que as more and more i have to stick to an editorial calendar. but fridays with oscar is very fluid and shot the day before. or as in today’s blog post it was catch-as-catch-can. happy friday, sue!

  2. Gladys M says:

    A lovely Friday look. Oscar looks so pleased with himself. He seems like having a page named after him one day of the week. Next thing he’ll have an agent too!

    • beth djalali says:

      isn’t oscar quite the character, gladys? i’ve always said he’s my best accessory. one thing is for certain, he has the best temperament of any dog i have seen. just love this guy! TGIF!
      xoxo beth

      • Gladys M says:

        He certainly does seem to well be socialized and a good temperament. I was glad to see you switch from a harness to a religious collar. That’s what we use to call a prong collar. Because once you use one you’ll swear by it. Enjoy every moment with him and Mr. Style (and of course the kiddos)

  3. Nikki G says:

    I love pink! I feel so girly. Happy Weekend.
    🙂 gwingal

  4. Lorena Lorena says:

    Oh that military green shade and that bright pink are unexpected but DO look marvellous together. A beautiful combo indeed, nicely done.

  5. donnanance says:

    Fabulous color combo! Love the scarf…think I have a similar one in my stash…hope you don’t mind if I copy your look. Did Oscar get a treat on this outing? xoxo

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