fridays with oscar

  1. donnanance says:

    Oscar looks like he’s hawt! Love the Scotty belt… xoxo

  2. Patti Rose says:

    Hi Beth. I only recently discovered your blog. Really like your style and your hair cut. I am in the process of letting my hair return to its natural color which is now gray and I love the color of your hair. An inspiration to me.

  3. Suzanne Smith says:

    Welcome home!

    I had to laugh–whenever my son and I travel, to this day, we always say ‘home again, home again, jiggidy-jig!”

    I like the darker denim in your top–I have a few lighter chambray shirts that I love, but I do wear a darker one here and there and I think for whatever reason, it seems to adds a bit of polish–takes things up just a notch.

  4. Sue Smith says:

    Love the darker denim top–I have several light chambray shirts, but something about the darker wash kicks it up a notch here.

    Oscar looks like such a sweet, smart dog. I enjoy seeing him tool around town with you. Happy Weekend!

    • beth djalali says:

      hi sue! i trust you had a lovely weekend. why do they just zip by?
      you’re right about the darker rinse denim. it just ups the chic factor to the outfit.
      xoxo beth

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