fridays with oscar

  1. Hope Springs says:

    I have a dog with “car ❤️ eyes” too. You’re right…treats help. And a veg out movie/TV weekend sounds glorious.

    I have a JCrew T almost identical and I live in it. So comfy and STRIPED. Happy weekend!

  2. Imastounded says:

    I enjoy the wackiness of Kimmy Schmidt. It takes a certain mindset!

  3. Bobbie White says:

    Love your ootd. Wore one like this wine tasting and a women came up to me and said “I want that
    outfit.” Told her about your blog. One of my favorite movies is “Best in Show” a 2000 movie.
    It’s so good to laugh and this movie does it!

  4. Rebecca Saffer says:

    I think Oscar is happy to have you all to himself this weekend. Enjoy your movies and fun activities!

  5. Lisa Sraders says:

    You look FAAAB, darlink!

  6. Sue Smith says:

    Have a great weekend! Sounds like a fun time to put your feet up and chill. Great outfit–I like those pants and the shoes–I’m a big fan of D’Orsay style shoes. I might have to check those out, damnit. See what you’ve done? You’re a bad influence! 😉

  7. Looking great Beth, as usua:). I also love, and actually it’s my favorite movie. “When Harry met Sally” – I coud watch it over and over. Have a great weekend! Renata xo

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