fridays with oscar

  1. Karen says:

    You look great as usual, but I gotta tell you, Oscar is the star of the show in these pics! You two have a terrific relationship …

  2. Letizia says:

    Happy weekend to you and Oscar!

  3. Sue Smith says:

    Hahahaaaa. I love the story about Oscar and his beloved sticks. Sweet. And I love that he thinks if he isn’t looking at you, you’re also not noticing the stick. Classic.

    We have commented on how lush everything is this year, too–I’m glad we’re not in a drought. Some years it’s been scary how dry it has been, so I’ll take the rain, but it’s also at the point where enough is enough. (I will say even all the fruits this year are fabulous here–blueberries are plump and sweet, as are cantelopes and strawberries and the cherries are out of this world this year.) I like your stone work in front of the house, (if that’s yours.) looks great!

    The neutral outfit is perfect for a relaxed Friday–enjoy the heck out of the weekend!

  4. Hi Beth, Super weird question. You can PM me on Facebook or reply to me by email if you wish. ( What bra do you wear? (You should do a blog post on this btw). I am having issues looking like my grandma in tshirts and such but you never do…any incite would be so helpful. Thanks Shelley

  5. Rebecca Saffer says:

    What a dog!! I love Oscar’s antics so much; they put a big smile on my face. Thanks.

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