fridays with oscar

  1. Morning-Talk about two inspirational cities, Atlanta and Charleston! In April I will be in both back to back. Atlanta has become a mecca for the design industry and Charleston gives me the foodie fix my inner chef needs. Happy Friday!-Laurel

  2. donnanance says:

    It’s good Oscar likes to “go in the car ” and visit other people. My Chis are not so crazy about the “go in the car” bit. You mention “squirrel” or “cookie” and they are all over that. The pink shoes are the perfect accent for black and white. Love the shoes but I would have to sit and “look pretty” in them. Charleston is a lovely city…so much to see… xoxo

    • beth djalali says:

      isn’t it funny how each animal has their own idiosyncracies? any pet owner knows what hoot they are.
      glad you like the pink shoes – my favorite color, donna!
      happy weekend.

  3. ronn jorden says:

    Great… Fridays are really nice especially you know weekends are coming …. Dog is indeed a best friend of human

  4. Sharon Woryn says:

    Mixing the prints is so fun and so stylish. I love the creativity. The pop of pink is a nice touch to put a hint of spring into the outfit. I enjoy seeing Oscar on Friday. I was at the Humane Society yesterday to perhaps adopt another dog. Reality check. The puppies needed way more training than I have time for right now and a 21/2 year old shepherd was so cute but almost knocked me down she was so wired. I’ll have to be content with our old boy who knows the routine!

    • beth djalali says:

      puppies are a lot of work at the beginning, aren’t they? but they are so adorable that our hearts just melt… but wasn’t it nice to go home to your old boy who knows the routine? nothing like it.

  5. Rebecca Saffer says:

    I always had a dog (mutts) growing up but living in a studio apartment in NYC and working was an issue. After 9/11 I adopted a cat but never thought I would be as attached to a cat as a dog. Boy was I wrong, after that kitty died, I adopted another one and now just adore cats. Oscar is a great dog and I love your outings with him.

    • beth djalali says:

      cats are pretty amazing animals! and make great pets especially in a studio apartment. we had a manx cat years ago (they don’t have tails) his name was john. he came from a litter of 3 males cats and their names were jack daniels, jim beam, and johnny walker. how could we change his name? so we just shortened it to john.

  6. Sue Smith says:

    Wonderful punches of black and white and the pink is a nice surprise with it. Very pretty. And Oscar is in great shape!

    Have a great time in Charleston–Rainbow Row; single houses– (years ago, they were taxed by how many rooms faced the street, like the Netherlands on canals, so they made the houses long like a railroad car, but only one room faced the street to get around that–great outside porches, though); French Quarter; the markets; Magnolia Plantation; antique shopping; and tons of great eateries there, too. I went to the visitor’s center first time I visited, and got a little brochure and did a self-guided walking tour–learned a lot about the houses and history in the bay area. Such a pretty place–take a ferry over to Ft Sumter, too–it’s a quick trip and historically interesting. And if you’re there a while, head out to Boone Hall plantation. Interesting, and gorgeous mile-long road lined with oak trees. I think they’ve filmed a number of Civil War series there.

    I look forward to your photos.

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