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Apple Cider Smash

  • Author: Moffat Frazier, via Taste of Home


Modified to Make 2 Cocktails


1/2 cup Finely Chopped Gala Apple

1/2 cup Finely Chopped Granny Smith Apple

2 oz. Bourbon

1 oz. Apple Brandy

1 tsp. Lemon Juice

Chilled Sparkling Apple Cider


In a small bowl, toss the apples to combine and soak in lemon lime soda for about 5 minutes. Drain, rinse the apples with water and set aside. 

In a cocktail shaker with ice, shake the bourbon, brandy and lemon juice until very cold. 

Divide the mixed apples into two rocks glasses.

Strain the bourbon mixture into the glasses. Top with sparkling apple cider.