lose belly fat over 50 with FASTer Way to Fat Loss

happy sunday, gang! today it’s all about how to lose belly fat over 50. or in my case 60. health and wellness is one of my favorite topics to discuss. because if we want to age with strength and grace we have to arm ourselves with proper knowledge. while i’m not a fitness expert, nutrition expert or an M.D. i want to be the healthiest 61-year old i can be. and i do receive lots of questions about how i stay fit and how to lose belly fat over 50. that’s where FASTer Way to Fat Loss steps in. this amazing program changed my life over a year and a half ago when i embarked on my fitness journey. FASTer Way to Fat Loss opened my eyes as to how to properly fuel my body.  if your diet is working against you and you’re not working out that’s a recipe for belly fat accumulating especially since our metabolism starts to slow down after menopause.

lose belly fat over 50

for the past fifty years, we’ve been told to cut calories and exercise more. right?! wrong. while exercise is key to staying active our diet is the most important factor to aging well. if you want to lose belly fat over 50 there are a few things to consider. first, balance your macros. many of you might be wondering what macros are. they’re better known as carbohydrates, protein, and fat. we need all three in our diet. carbohydrates provide fuel, the energy for your body and brain. it’s found in all plant foods, like grains, fruits, vegetables, and legumes, and also milk and yogurt. but i typically stay away from grains and get my carbs by eating fruit, veggies, and legumes. protein helps to build and repair your muscles, organs, skin, blood, and different chemicals, like hormones, in your body. it’s found in meat, poultry, fish, legumes, dairy, tofu, and eggs, and in smaller amounts in nuts, seeds, and whole grains. fat insulates and protects your bones and organs, acts as a backup fuel for energy, and helps in brain development. healthy, unsaturated fats are found in olive oil, avocados, nuts, seeds, and fatty fish, like salmon, sardines, and mackerel. unhealthy saturated fats are found in high-fat beef, pork, butter, full-fat dairy, and processed foods, like cookies and donuts. these days i definitely stay away from processed foods as they are high in sugar. consuming too much sugar increases weight gain and leads to belly fat.

lose belly fat over 50

another key ingredient to lose belly fat over 50 is intermittent fasting. FASTer Way to Fat Loss first introduced me to this concept. what is intermittent fasting? it’s really quite simple and helps our bodies get into fat-burning mode. a simple form of intermittent fasting limits the hours of the day when you eat. typically my first meal is consumed around noon and the last meal before eight which means i have an eight-hour window to eat my meals. by limiting nighttime eating my overnight fast is extended which significantly benefits my metabolism. i used to add a snack or two in between meals. but i’ve eliminated snacking altogether which lets my body burn fat between meals. 

here are some benefits of intermittent fasting:

  • Reducing levels of insulin, which makes it easier for the body to use stored fat.
  • Lowering blood sugars, blood pressure, and inflammation levels.
  • Changing the expression of certain genes, which helps the body protect itself from disease as well as promoting longevity.
  • Dramatically increases human growth hormone, or HGH, which helps the body utilize body fat and grow muscle.
  • The body activates a healing process doctors call autophagy, which essentially means that the body digests or recycles old or damaged cell components.

lose belly fat over 50

if you are interested in how to lose belly fat over 50 and improving your eating habits the next round of FASTer Way to Fat Loss begins tomorrow September 9th. 

What will you get when you join the FASTer Way to Fat Loss

  • Eight weeks of all program materials for $199, to accelerate your success in the FASTer Way.
  • A low monthly membership fee of $99, after the first eight weeks.
  • LIVE training to set you up for success.
  • Weekly workout plans that include low impact, home, and gym workouts.
  • Community group with certified FASTer Way community specialists for daily accountability, training, and support.
  • Four-week meal plan and recipe guide to assist you in the FASTer Way.
  • Nutrition recommendations with a focus on whole food nutrition, balanced macros, intermittent fasting, carb cycling, and effective workouts to transform your life.
  • Options to pause or cancel your membership at any time.

what benefits have i seen over the course of a year and a half? besides how to lose belly fat over 50? i sleep better at night, have increased energy levels, and food has become my friend, not the enemy. i’ve lost inches, gained muscle and feel confident that i can age with strength and grace.


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  1. Chris wrote:

    I too am 61 and want to look as fabulous as you! I think I’ll give this gal a try. I would love to know your daily/weekly routine. I am still working and may not be as busy of a lady as you and would love to copy your routine as much as I am able. Lots of love and prayers to you and your family!

    Posted 9.8.19
  2. Susan wrote:

    Beth I have been looking at Faster way to fat Loss for months! I decided to give it a try. I am hoping it is not to difficult follow! I will let you know!!

    Posted 9.8.19
  3. Judy wrote:

    I would just like to say how much I enjoy your fashions and lovely commentary Beth. Recently retired at 61 and commencing this wonderful stage of life I have time to enjoy your emails even more far away in Adelaide, Australia !

    Posted 9.8.19
  4. Angela Bailey wrote:

    Way too expensive!!!!

    Posted 9.9.19
  5. Sonia Maria wrote:

    Amei o blog! Parabéns!

    Posted 9.9.19
  6. Mary Grogan wrote:

    I am 70 and can’t fast due to medical reasons, but appreciate the info.

    Posted 9.9.19
  7. Janet wrote:

    Based upon your recommendation, I joined the July session of FASTER WAY TO FAT LOSS. I was like you, not really overweight but at 58 the belly fat was accumulating. In the almost 9 weeks since I have been on this program, I have seen the belly fat disappear. My clothes are fitting much better and I feel great. I eat more calories now than I did before the program – but they are the right kind of calories. The daily exercise video sessions are a huge help – running about 30 minutes each – they are easy to fit into a busy schedule. Thank you for the recommendation. I love your posts.

    Posted 9.9.19
  8. Suzanne Smith wrote:

    Sounds like a good healthy program. I completely agree–I’m really careful about what foods I eat. Thankfully, I really like to cook, and I make everything from scratch so I control what’s going into our meals. I think many people are so busy they eat many of their meals from fast food or pre-packaged options, and they’re so loaded with unhealthy items. Good for you for recognizing how important food is, Beth. Food made from scratch just tastes better, too! You look great.

    Posted 9.9.19
  9. Janice wrote:

    I thought I was doing the right thing to stay healthy in my old age but had a light stroke last week at age 72. I have struggles my whole life since I was in 7th grade to be thin. Just not meant for some of us. I eat healthy and wigh less then I did in high school, but still this happened, so I am just mad! The doctor says to keep doing what I have been doing and they think it was caused by a leak in my heart from Mitral valve surgery back in 2008. It is still very aggravating! More tests will let me know the true cause. Be careful everyone. both my parents had stokes and what really gets me, I had no warning. I fell twice and my husband took me to ER. No one can believe it and neither can I!!! Loosing our health is really a bummer for me!

    Posted 9.10.19
  10. You have mentioned very interesting details! ps
    nice web site.

    Posted 9.17.19

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