winter coats and jackets for petites

  1. Andrea says:

    Oh Kelly- you might think of yourself as more tomboyish, but you are truly French chic. They are all about the art of ‘looking’ as if they aren’t trying too hard. I can’t describe it accurately, but that look with the skirt and trench, says it all. Minimal makeup,/jewelry. Europe in general is all about a very curated closet of well made items. Slow fashion might be a new craze over here, but it has always been a way of life for many European countries. 🎁. I am, also, very happy to have a petite person to follow, who has the same style, even though I’m much older. Style is ageless. Thanks for being here 🥂

    • Thank you for such a lovely compliment, Andrea. You are so right about style being ageless. Thank you so much for stopping by to read my post and leave a comment, I am glad you’re here! xo Kelly

  2. Evelyne says:

    Bonjour Kelly,
    Très bon article et très complet. Les remarques et les conseils sont bien pensés et très utiles.
    Dommage que nous n’ayons pas de magasins ou de sites pour habiller les “petites” en France.
    Et pourtant la mode à la française se veut chic. Elle est regardée par beaucoup de femmes dans le monde entier.
    J’ai longtemps cherché un manteau pour ma petite taille (150 cm), je n’ai pas trouvé alors j’ai acheté un très beau tissu italien et je l’ai cousu moi même. Je l’adore !
    Bon week-end

    • Bonjour Evelyne,
      merci d’avoir lu mon article. Comme c’est merveilleux que vous ayez fait votre propre manteau ! Bon week-end, Kelly

      • Mary says:

        Thanks so much for providing tips for petite jackets when there is only a regular size option! Also, including many current clothing manufacturers and examples is greatly appreciated. Thank you and bonne weekend!

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