The Hardest Working Item In My Summer Wardrobe

  1. Jackie T. says:

    Love the look! BR is my go-to. The barrel leg looks so much better on than I thought it would. I have the slim utility pants in the cream but I like these you have on better I think. Just received their linen polo I ordered…I think you would like that too!

    • Beth Djalali says:

      BR has been killing it the past few years. I shop there as much as I did in the late 90s and early 00s! Definitely a go-to brand these days.

  2. Nanci Burrows says:

    I love the linen tank! Curious what bra to wear with it, with the narrow shoulders and cut back.. Do you recommend a razorback bra?

  3. Elizabeth Smokowski says:

    This tank looks cute but requires a special bra – do you have a recommendation?

  4. Nancy B says:

    Absolutely love those chinos and the belt with the pouch! Great outfit on you! I’ve had my eye on those jeans awhile and now that I’ve seen them modeled by you, I’ll be ordering them!

  5. Mary says:

    Loving the tan and white color combo. Question, with the thin shoulder ‘straps’ on the tank, what style bra do you wear?

  6. Cindy Marroquin says:

    Love your looks always but need your take on this. Your olive chinos and white flowing top make me wonder about a fashion no no. I was informed that if your top was flowing or loose that your bottoms should be more fitting or vice versa. What are your thoughts?

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