This FARM Rio Dress Is Sure To Turn Heads

  1. I love the color of this dress, but sadly since I am only 5’3″ It would be too long for me. Will wait to see what Kelly shows next. Enjoy your trip.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      don’t let your height stop you. i just saw a woman who is 5’1″ in this dress. she looked adorable. a good tailor comes in handy when it comes to hemlines.

  2. Joan says:

    Stunning! I do have a question—is it bare skin below that ring? That might influence where I would wear it. I am really liking these longer lengths this season.

    • Lindsey A says:

      Joan, I’m not Beth, obvs, but it looks to me like it is a ‘hole’ in the dress so bare skin under. Your comment made me think “well, a cami underneath is always an option” which lead me to think how much fun it could be to experiment with other pops of color there. Like orange and pink is always a fun combination, but can be a little scary, so an orange cami under would be a low stakes way of doing this. Or an electric blue under the yellow. The possibilities are endless and so fun!

    • Beth Djalali says:

      yes, one of the big trends this year is cutouts which this dress showcases with a drawstring tie. you can cinch it tight or make it larger. but the fit of this dress is the best part. it’s so flattering and moves with you.

  3. Connie says:

    Thank you for doing a summary!

  4. Lesley C says:

    A beautiful vibrant dress and I love the accessories that complement and don’t overpower the dress. Appreciate the nail polish and sunnies too – a masterclass in attention to detail.

  5. Renee says:

    The dress is gorgeous and looks amazing on you. I don’t have an occasion to wear the dress but I am loving the cuff and the fresh water pearl necklace that you linked. Thanks for the great suggestions!

  6. Lea says:

    Beth, dress is stunning but did it “cling” to your legs?

  7. Nancy says:

    That is a beautiful dress! The color is beautiful and the styling is so feminine!

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