Travel Essentials I Took With To The Ritz

  1. Lea says:

    Hi, love all your travel tips. Going to Charleston in three weeks and will use some of them.

    I mistakenly thought you were going to The Ritz in London so was a bit disappointed but your blog is always a highlight of my day.


  2. Nancy says:

    Fab, fun post! You gave me lots of ideas to fine tune my packing; plus some gift ideas. I love them all.
    Love the outfit too! You look so youthful in the cap! That’s one thing I never think of and I have caps. My husband doesn’t travel without one, but I always forget mine. Same thing with graphic tees. I have a ton, but never thought to travel in them! That’s why we need to follow bloggers! You give us such great ideas!
    I purchased the shoes you show for dinner at the Ritz. They arrived already, so I’m getting excited planning where I’ll wear them

  3. Hi Beth
    Lovely vacation, like your evening flats a lot!!
    The Ritz look very elegant decorated.
    Glad you enjoy your weekend

  4. Annie says:

    I have this Anine Bing PARIS T-shirt. I love it, cotton very soft cotton. Thanks for all your style tips.

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