Mother’s Day Gift Guide

  1. Joan Costello says:

    Francine was a very special lady and friend. We worked together for years, traveled to South Bend together, and had many after work gatherings! She adored you, Beth! I miss her too.

  2. Suzanne says:

    What a beautiful post, Beth! Your mother was beautiful. You and she could be twins! I am certain that you were a source of joy to her all of her days.
    Thank you! Your post brought back memories of my beloved mother, happy memories. ( She was also stylish and beautiful.) I miss her everyday.

  3. Marian McCarthy says:

    I love these pictures of you and your mother. You carry her beauty. Thank you for always being positive, strong, and full of grace.
    Marian McCarthy

  4. Nancy B says:

    Love all the beautiful photos of you and your mom. I also inherited a love of fashion from my mother. And thank you for the many varied gift suggestions!

  5. Helen Heffernan says:

    Oh Dear Beth, Thank you for sharing the pictures of you and your Mother, My Mother passed in 2020. Always was my biggest “cheerleader”. Smiles and tears at the same times when I remember our lives together. There is a song sung by Scotty McCreey titled “Five More Minutes”, When I hear that song I think oh for five more minutes with Mother would be such a blessing!

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