How to Strike That Jackie Kennedy Fashion Tone

  1. Penny Sayre says:

    Hi, Beth, I always enjoy reading your posts & appreciate a voice for those of “a certain age”! I honestly really like your original chic & elegant shorter hair style with more silver….You should consider going back to that. I’ve mentioned before that I think the sunglasses you regularly wear in your posts are too large for your face and aren’t attractive . The sunglasses in today’s post look great on you-just the right size AND color…Just my $.02….Keep up the good work!

    • Lesley C says:

      I have similar hair when it comes to colour and texture and I enjoy Beth’s variety of styles. It keeps things interesting. Growing out a certain style does lend itself to the odd awkward stage. And you have to push through or stay stuck until the grave – yuck! I Ike this current look with the hair swept behind one ear.
      I keep a sustainable capsule wardrobe so seeing how I can switch it up with current accessories like sunglasses, shoes and bags is helpful for me. My 2 cents worth.

      • Marcia Rayne says:

        I have blond hair and am 71 years old and I tend to buy large sunglasses. The bigger the glass the protection from UV rays. Besides, I love my Tiffany blue sunglasses.

  2. Sangita says:

    When I think of monochromatic I usually think of neutrals. Thanks for changing my thought process!!
    Always looking chic and fabulous Beth!

  3. Annie says:

    Good morning, Beth!

    Thank you for taking the time, while on a business
    trip, to post this lovely message. Pink is, too, my favorite color! Might I say that you are looking as lovely and chic as always. You’re certainly an inspiration to me, every day!

    Safe and happy travels,


  4. Anne says:

    Absolutely stunning pink outfit. And you look stunning in it.

  5. Jonna says:

    As a fairly new reader, this post is a favorite so far, I love the use of color in the dress/jacket combo. Love the styling with the large sunglasses, slingbacks and hairstyle. Very Jackie-esque overall.

  6. June wright says:

    I love that outfit from yesterday…I bought the grey jeans…going to try it with the brown….

  7. Carolina Girl says:

    You wear the fuschia pink well and look awesome in the Jackie shift and jacket. I have some JK repro. jewelry from Camrose and Cross and enjoy wearing as accent pieces.

    It’s good to change up your hair, Beth. I like it! I don’t understand some of the negative commentary … some people need to get busy living!

    Thanks, and enjoy your LTK conference!

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