5 Fall Travel Outfit Ideas

  1. Cher says:

    Question. When it’s fall and you’re going to a tropical location. Do you dress fall or summer? I lean toward fall and arrive at the beach feeling hot til the room is ready!

    • Beth Djalali says:

      I dress in lighter layers that I can shed when I arrive at my destination. It’s always a challenge, but layers are the secret sauce and I forgo wool and cashmere in favor of cotton.

  2. Adelaide says:

    Just returned from a Paris trip. On hold from spring 2020 due to Covid. Had a fantastic time!! Bring retro sneakers. They are everywhere in Paris fashion. I was surprised. Looked chic and so easy to sightsee. Love travel ideas.

  3. Judy says:

    You look super duper girl. Love the eyes and hair!

  4. Andrea says:

    Love the outfits, Beth. I wholeheartedly agree with layering for travel, especially taking a scarf. Love your hair, too. Enjoy your time in Paris 👏

  5. Chris says:

    Your eyes look fantastic! I will need this procedure also so I am so interested in seeing your you tube about it! If mine would turn out as good as yours I would be ecstatic!! Great ideas for travel outfits too! Have a great trip busy lady!!!!!

  6. Carolina Girl says:

    You look great in all the options!
    I looked up LTK Conference and it sounds like you’re going to have a fun week! Let us in on what you can share and enjoy ~

  7. Carolina Girl says:

    Outfits #1 and #2 my faves

  8. Jeannine from Buffalo says:

    You inspired me to get new travel shoes/ sneakers. I loved the “Soffitt” Parkyn Sneakers, and the “ColeHaan” Top spin so I ordered it in 2 colors, and I saw a “BZees” kitty travel clogs too. I love Nordstrom because they make it so easy to order, exchange for size or return.

    • Marie José Méhois says:

      Hi Beth and Kelly,
      I ‘ve been following your style and cooking website for a year or more now and I am always happy with your quality and renewed inspirations ! Thank you very much !
      You noticed that you will travel to Paris. I’m French and I want to warn you about the widespread insecurity for tourists there, specially concerning robbers. Be sure not to wear your preferred and more valuable gold pieces of jewelry, watch, bags in the streets and in the tube or bus…Tourists are easy targets for bad groups of very organized robbers and Paris had recently won the 350th place about 453 among the most secure big cities in the world. It would be so sad if your stay there remained associated with such an event for you. So please be on guard and take care. I wish you the best visit.
      Kind regards, Marie José

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