Guide To Spring Dresses 2022

  1. Nancy B says:

    Beautifully done post Beth! So many gorgeous dresses! Thank you!!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Terrific post on dress styles! Including the descriptions along with photos iof each style is extremely helpful. Thank you! Love your style.

  3. Patricia K Mason says:

    Today’s blog inspired me to pull out a dress for church even though Oklahoma’s cooler temps and winds caused me to wear a wool coat with it! When I think of midi, I always think of it as a length rather than a dress type. (I am revealing my age by saying I remember when the mini, midi and maxi terms were first used in fashion.) The dress I wore today was a flare, but also a midi. I love the variety of your posts!

  4. I love dresses. Bought the Kelly green one a coupe weeks ago and wore it to church last Sunday. Was going to wear another dress to church today but was only 15 degrees this morning. Maybe next Sunday and gives me a chance to buy another new dress. Maybe one on your list.

  5. Carolina Girl says:

    Great post — love dresses, especially for spring and summer. I also appreciate the definition and visual example of each. How about a post on skirts (similar to this)?

  6. Teresa D Morse says:

    Hello – I have several sheath dresses left from my time in the office and no longer want them to look corporate. I thinks shrugs are ugly . I am looking for and not finding shorter blazers/jackets that would pair well. Wraps won’t work as you can’t keep them on all the time. Any ideas? Thank you

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