Add This Ann Taylor Blouse To Your Classic Wardrobe

  1. Beautiful earrings
    Love the combination very modern
    Thank youG

  2. I bought this denim ruffled blouse when you posted it with the white jeans. Like how you put it with the white skirt also and layered with the stripped tee. Such a cute outfit.

  3. Nancy says:

    Love the red, white and blue. Always a classic combo that I enjoy wearing in all different forms. You look cute in this outfit, but for me, I’m not a fan of puff shoulder or sleeve tops/blouses or ruffles, so this blouse wouldn’t work for me.
    I do like the deep rich color of the denim though. Pretty!

  4. Ellen says:

    Oh my gosh — I bought this ruffled blouse last week! I think its trendy without being too prairie/cottage core.
    Beth — thanks so much for your style suggestions. After 2 years of athleisure dressing, I’m having to re-learn how to dress myself for actual – not remote – socializing. I hate clothes shopping, but this blog has helped me curate my closet and purchase a few key items so that I have a wearable wardrobe that makes me feel stylish.

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