Ann Taylor Spring Capsule Wardrobe (Lite)

  1. Carolina Girl says:

    I like your capsules with classic retailers! My go-to is Talbots, but I appreciate seeing what’s up with Ann Taylor as well. Nice job!

    P.S. How about a relaxed vibe at JJill or somewhere like that?

  2. Debbie says:

    Love these post. I am new to this idea and your grouping are really helping get good understanding of how to mix and match classic and “more trendy” items! A real struggle for me having hit the age of 56….keep them coming!

  3. I like this Spring capsule wardrobe list. So many ways to wear it. I love Ann Taylor clothes.

  4. Carol Michelsen says:

    Love the idea of the capsule wardrobe as well as all the outfits you put together. Unfortunately Ann Taylor does not carry plus sizes for us larger gals, thus we are forced to try and duplicate at other retailers.

  5. Diane Perttola says:

    I notice that there are no skirts or dresses in this capsule. What do you consider best for 66 yr old legs? Nylons or no nylons in shoes that are not sandals and not toeless? I gave up nylons some years ago since it seemed to identify me as old. But lately my legs are not what they used to be…

  6. Klandi says:

    Another winning post. I have loved shopping at Ann Taylor for years. I have those slides/mules and they look wonderful with so many outfits.

  7. Jami says:

    I really enjoy these capsules posts too.
    Could you ever give some advice for the ladies with other fit issues ? Like broad shoulders or larger middle etc.
    So many sweaters and tops seem to have dropped sleeves , which aren’t very attractive on broad shoulders. Just a thought…have a great weekend!
    Thanks !

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