A Summer Outfit Retrospective

  1. Georgia Peach says:

    Oh you lucky! I love Charleston ❤
    Great post. The classics never fail to deliver, do they?
    All great looks. My fav is the white pants/black Lacoste.
    You looked great in all.
    Have a wonderful time w/your friend.

  2. Susan says:

    I recently visited Charleston. Great city for walking, shopping, dining, etc. So many great shops! Charleston Shoe is a great local retailer. My favorite look is the first, navy shirt dress. What a great silhouette, I’d buy that in a second if it was available. Also love Tuckernuck, but like the more tailored aspect of the original design.

  3. Cynthia says:


  4. Robin Hillyer-Miles says:

    Have fun in Chucktown!

  5. Becky says:

    All are classic looks & look just as fresh today as they did when you first wore them.

  6. Beth L says:

    Love this! Would like to see more like this.

  7. Carolina Girl says:

    Great retrospective … amazing how the looks stand the test of time. Nice to see how Classics are … so classic.
    Love Charleston! Get there about once a year.
    Have fun with your long-time friend!

  8. Lindsey A says:

    What a wonderful post idea! This could totally be a monthly thing, so fun to look back like this. My fave is the navy dress (obsessed with that belt!) but they all stand the test of time for sure. And even if they didn’t, looking at why and/or how to bring it more up to date would be really informative too, and I know one reason (of many) that so many of us (myself included) read your blog for the education!

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