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whenever i’m short on time, i always reach for my style uniform. if you are new to the blog, you might be scratching your head wondering what a style uniform is all about. to put it simply, a style uniform consists of wardrobe staples that you can pull together at a moment’s notice and step out the door feeling confident and looking great. 

hopefully, y’all enjoyed your special day yesterday. the weather in Georgia was picture perfect so i couldn’t have asked for a better day. one of the best things about being a mother is watching your kiddos grow into mature adults. i’m blessed with three healthy boys who turned into fine young men. it’s a privilege to be their mother that i try not to take for granted.

style uniform wardrobe staples

everyone needs a great pair of jeans. my favorite brands are opens in a new windowJ.Crew, opens in a new windowTalbots, opens in a new windowSofia Vergara, opens in a new windowRalph Lauren, opens in a new windowWit & Wisdom, or opens in a new window Frame. if you haven’t found your perfect pair devote an afternoon to try on every brand known to mankind. you’ll find one, i promise. here’s a hint. before heading to the dressing room, wrap the waist around your neck. if it fits nicely, then you’ve found the right size to try. dark rinse is perfect for evening as it’s dressier than a light rinse. and a light rinse, as well as white denim, will visually add pounds. but i love wearing white denim year-round. black denim too. a lighter rinse is perfect come summer. take note that jeans this season are trending with a looser fit than years gone by. today, i’m wearing a opens in a new windowmodern ankle skinny jean from opens in a new windowWit & Wisdom.

next on my style uniform list is a go-to blazer. start with black or navy, then add on any color to your heart’s content. personally, nothing beats a tweed blazer for instant elegance. it’s classic coco chanel. take heart; these days, you can find a tweed blazer at a price point that won’t break your bank. mid-priced brands typically trot out a tweed blazer every year.  just keep your eyes peeled ’til you find the one you love. today, i’m wearing the opens in a new windowHutton blazer in a winter white tweed from opens in a new windowAnn Taylor. but i loved this opens in a new windowblazer, and opens in a new windowthis one, or opens in a new windowthis one.

a opens in a new windowsilk blouse or tunic in a neutral color gets a lot of mileage. it’s a hard-working wardrobe staple. start with black, navy, or my favorite ivory. this is an investment piece, so don’t be afraid to splurge. look for quality as that will give you longevity.

shoes and handbags make or break an outfit, so choose wisely. a variety of heel heights find a home in my closet. nude or black pumps or flats are the most versatile colors. but look for neutrals in gray, navy, gold, or silver. block heels are comfortable and add support, as do wedges. for summer, a slingback is sexy and comfy. that’s a win/win! today, i chose a opens in a new windowgold metallic shoe from opens in a new windowTalbots with a woven weave texture perfect for a hot summer day.

a great accessory for my style uniform is a scarf. silk scarves instantly elevate your outfit and add a pop of color. the silk scarf i’m wearing today is opens in a new windowmoonflower from opens in a new windowDiFiore New York, founded by Andrea DiFiore, a talented artist who turned her love of silk scarves into a business. there are two silk scarves collections available online. the opens in a new window floral seas collection and an adorable selection of opens in a new windowdog motif neckerchiefs too. good news as Andrea has graciously offered 50% off your purchase. simply use code BETH. enjoy your new scarf!

opens in a new windowdenim | opens in a new windowblouse | opens in a new windowblazer | opens in a new window shoes | opens in a new windowscarf | opens in a new windowearrings | opens in a new window necklace | opens in a new windowhandbag

use code BETH for 50% off your purchase at DiFiore New York.

opens in a new windowdenim | opens in a new windowblouse | opens in a new windowblazer | opens in a new window shoes | opens in a new windowscarf | opens in a new windowearrings | opens in a new window necklace | opens in a new windowhandbag


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  1. shoehound wrote:

    I love the Talbots’ gold sling backs. I’m considering them, thanks to your modeling prowess. The scarf is gorgeous too. Always enjoy your posts!

    Posted 5.10.21
  2. Sylvia Espinoza wrote:

    Oooh…first time I saw a pic of you was in a similar OOTD…your foot on a packed weekend bag, ready to go! I was hooked. Fantastic “uniform” then and now! Five Stars!~

    Posted 5.10.21
  3. Kim Kirkegaard wrote:

    Love this outfit, Beth! Dark washed denim is the best and the blazer and scarf really compliment the jeans!

    Posted 5.10.21
    • andrea wrote:

      Hi Kim,

      I think the scarf complements Beth’s jeans as well!
      Our scarves can be worn casually or sophisticatedly, it’s a win-win!


      (founder of DiFiore New York)

      Posted 5.12.21
  4. Susan wrote:

    Your outfit looks great! There are so many places where this look would work.
    I would like to try Wit and Wisdom denim. Do you find that it fits true to (denim) size, which I purchase one size smaller than dress size?

    I have recently been I introduced to Liverpool denim by way of a pair of denim shorts. They are so comfortable I plan to try a full size pair for the fall.

    Posted 5.10.21
  5. Samantha wrote:

    When it’s explained a style uniform makes so much sense and seem so obvious, but we’ve all spent hours standing in front of bulging wardrobes with ‘nothing to wear’, I wonder why it doesn’t occur to us until you drop your pearls of wisdom into your blog Beth.

    Posted 5.10.21
  6. Beautiful silk scarf!!
    Nice combo.
    Have a nice day thank you for sharing!!

    Posted 5.10.21
    • andrea wrote:

      Hi Gloria,

      I am glad you think my scarf is beautiful!
      And Beth knows how to rock it, she is the style queen!

      Kind regards,

      (founder of DiFiore New York)

      Posted 5.12.21
  7. Lisa wrote:

    What a great outfit Beth. Stylin from head to toe.

    Posted 5.10.21
  8. Beverly Hale wrote:

    Love your shorter bang haircut so very much. You look younger.

    Posted 5.10.21
  9. Cindy wrote:

    Love this outfit on you BUT love the sunglasses on you!! 👍

    Posted 5.11.21
  10. Beth, I Have A question for you.
    If we want to have only one white blazer what do you advise To buy.
    Thank you

    Posted 5.27.21

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