have fun with fashion | bringing levity to the “new normal”

we’ve spent a lot of time talking about fashion during the “new normal”.  i’ve asked you all opens in a new windowwhether it still matters at all, and we all seem to agree that what matters most is looking and feeling our best.  i want to take that a bit farther today in the hopes of putting a smile on your face:  during these times, let’s add as much levity to our daily lives as possible.  and one way to do that is through what we wear.  by no means is it the only way, or even the best way, but it is way.  and each way matters.  have fun with fashion.  

today’s OOTD hopefully does just that.  in a lot of ways, it’s a bit of a nod to the era in which i became a young adult:  the 70s. and i have to admit, i was inspired when my oldest son recommended Dazed and Confused.  for those of you who haven’t seen it, it’s a coming of age story documenting the last day of a Texas middle and high-school in 1976 directed by Richard Linklater (Boyhood).  the music.  the cars.  and the fashion!  totally captured what it was like to become a young adult in that era.  i highly recommend it if you’re looking for a good laugh, and possibly, a trip down memory lane.       

this post brought to you by opens in a new windowAnn Taylor

more recent memories

it’s always a good day when i partner with a favorite brand. and opens in a new windowAnn Taylor has been a go-to retailer of mine for years. when we lived overseas, the boys and I would fly back to the states each summer to visit family and friends. mr. style would join us for several weeks before returning to work. but one of the first things on my to-do list when i was back home in the good old U.S. of A. was shopping. you see, we lived in Asia for the better part of ten years. i was definitely the Amazon woman towering over the major part of the population. i definitely stood out from the crowd due to my height close to 5’8″ along with blue eyes and blonde hair. but shopping was next to impossible for a size six or eight as most of the shops carried zero’s, or even sub-zero’s.

but not to fear. as i mentioned once my feet hit US soil it was time to stock up on clothes for the coming year. and opens in a new windowAnn Taylor was one of the first stores i hit. i loved the color combinations that could be mixed and matched with previous years. i adored the way Ann’s pants fit. and i could always count on opens in a new windowAnn Taylor to carry an extensive selection of the basics along with a few trends thrown in.

opens in a new windowlace ruffle mock neck shell | opens in a new windowwide leg pant | opens in a new windowsandal 


wide leg pants 

paisley is fun.  wide-leg pants are fun.  that means opens in a new windowpaisley wide-leg pants are a must.  if the paisley feels “too much” for you, don’t be afraid to neutralize the pattern with a black (or white) opens in a new windowlace ruffle mock neck shell like this one.  and these opens in a new windowsandals  are perfect for working from home and will transition into summer perfectly.  today’s outfit definitely put a smile on my face—bringing back all of the memories from 1976.  i hope it brings one to yours. 

opens in a new windowlace ruffle mock neck shell | opens in a new windowwide leg pant | opens in a new windowsandal 


have fun with fashion

have fun with fashion this spring.  we’ve all got extra time on our hands right now, let yourself get lost in your closet—mixing and matching.  take a trip or two down memory lane and don’t be afraid to recreate some of those memories.  i’m willing to bet that not only will it bring you a little bit of joy, but it will bring some to those around you as well.  after all, it’s gonna bring back some of those memories that i’m sure the people in your life are going to want to hear.   

opens in a new windowlace ruffle mock neck shell | opens in a new windowwide leg pant | opens in a new windowsandal 


a big thank you to opens in a new windowAnn Taylor for this sponsored post. and thank you, lovely readers, for supporting the brands that allow me to bring you fresh ideas.  and if you’re looking for more inspiration, i’ve put together some comparables and other fun items i’ve got my eye on below. 

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  1. Kathy Slamar wrote:

    Love the oufit and your new hair style! I, too, remember the 70s and I love the wide let pant. It especially works when you are tall. Now if I could only get my stomach as flat as it was in the 70s!!!

    Posted 4.16.20
    • thanks, kathy! agree about the flat stomach. oh those were the days my friend. xo

      Posted 4.19.20
  2. Joanie wrote:

    Thank you for your wonderful and enjoyable “style”. My favorite morning go to. Makes me want yo feel and look better. Still trying to stay positive these days. Keep up the fantastic work!!!!!

    Posted 4.16.20
    • i’m happy to hear you’re trying to stay positive! it’s so important to keep our spirits up. take care. xo

      Posted 4.19.20
  3. Sangita M wrote:

    Love the outfit and your hair! Looking fabulous as always. Thanks for putting the sunshine in my day.
    Be well

    Posted 4.16.20
    • i just couldn’t resist these paisley pants! i always have at least one pair of ‘party’ pants hanging in my closet. take care. xo

      Posted 4.19.20
  4. Karen White wrote:

    Beth thank you for being so positive and I enjoy the escape of reading your posts every day. After a month of WFH and non-stop WebEx calls I’ve been feeling pretty tired. You inspired me to start putting on my “real” clothes and accessories each day and that has given me a big boost. My grandmother used to say she had to “put on her face” before leaving the house and I found that even a little mascara, blush and bright lipstick makes me feel so much better.

    Posted 4.16.20
    • God Bless all of our mothers and grandmothers who knew the importance of putting on their face. it makes a big difference! take care. xo

      Posted 4.19.20
  5. Sharon Maaz wrote:

    New hairstyle is very flattering!

    Posted 4.16.20
    • thanks so much! it’s finally growing through an awkward stage so I’m feeling confident it will get to chin length. sometimes i give up but this time i had no choice but to stay the course. take care. xo

      Posted 4.19.20
  6. Mary skelly wrote:

    I like you hair short instead of the way you are now wearing it .

    Posted 4.16.20
    • i love my hair short too. but time for a change. xo

      Posted 4.19.20
  7. shirley simkus wrote:

    thank you!!!!!

    Posted 4.16.20
    • thank you, shirley for all the love and support. take care. xo

      Posted 4.19.20
  8. Natalia wrote:

    I have been an Ann Taylor customer for over 25 years.
    I love their classic, elegant look!!!! Thank you for
    Providing these new looks because staying home and looking
    Good are a must always, especially during these times!

    Posted 4.16.20
    • you and me girlfriend! i love Ann for all the reasons you listed. take care. xo

      Posted 4.19.20
  9. Irene wrote:

    Hello Beth
    Love the pants, they look so comfy and not a jogging style! I like your hair both short and the current length. As usual you are a very good role model, especially as going to get a cut and colour are not on anyone’s schedule at the moment. You show us how to adapt to whatever comes along. You all do a great job, thank you.

    Posted 4.16.20
    • i know we are all missing our hair stylists something fierce! but this too shall pass. thanks so much for stopping by. take care. xo

      Posted 4.19.20
  10. Lisa G wrote:

    I recently told a friend, “geez I miss the 70’s”. Love your outfit and blog. I’ll have to check out the movie recommendation. I attended my 40th HS reunion this past September. How the heck did that happen so quickly?

    Posted 4.16.20
    • 40 years go by in the blink of an eye! and there’s nothing quite like the 70’s. what a special era that we all took for granted. and why not? that was just the way things were. take care. xo

      Posted 4.19.20
  11. Suzi wrote:

    You think you had it rough as a size 6 or so, try being a size 16! Yes, getting back to the states was great and I always came with an empty suitcase to fill with clothes that I could not get elsewhere.
    A great time in the life of my youth but also a difficult time for us living out of the states.

    Posted 4.16.20
    • but i bet you have some amazing experiences from those years that you wouldn’t trade for anything! take care. xo

      Posted 4.19.20
  12. Suzanne M Smith wrote:

    I graduated from undergrad college in 1976. I can totally relate to this look. I love navy, too–next to black, it’s one of my favorite classics. These pants are so reminiscent of things we wore back then, but they’re new all over again. Love them!

    Posted 4.16.20
    • i just couldn’t resist these pants, sue! paisley is still chic and edgy all at the same time. back then and today. take care. xo

      Posted 4.19.20
  13. Lori L Feld wrote:

    Love those pants! I wish Ann Taylor would branch into plus sizes. As a 1976 grad, I will definitely check out Dazed and confused.

    Posted 4.16.20
    • well, let’s keep telling Ann they need petities to plus! take care. xo

      Posted 4.19.20
  14. Mary wrote:

    Thanks so much for keeping your blog ‘normal’ without the drama of what our world is facing. It’s so nice to see fashion and tips that I’ll be able to utilize in the near future

    Posted 4.16.20
    • thanks so much for stopping by, mary! fashion and style have survived centuries of turmoil and I’m confident they’ll weather this storm too. take care. xo

      Posted 4.19.20
  15. Patricia Hall wrote:

    I’ve spent the last four days in my closet trying on, purging and re-organizing my closet. I’m thrilled with how easy it is to find stuff to put together in fun new ways. I’ve also concluded I have enough clothes to last me the next few years. I found clothes I’d forgotten. I found clothes that should have gone years ago. Quarantine has been helpful to me … lost weight and purged stuff from all over the house.

    Posted 4.17.20
    • good for you, patricia! a closet cleanse does take time and effort but it’s worth it. take care. xo

      Posted 4.19.20
  16. Nancy wrote:

    Beth, you are such a stunning classy lady!
    I turn 55 this June. I am trying to embrace my age. I have just a touch of grey on the sides basically not noticeable and I keep it short. I have always had thin hair. It’s baby fine. Not being able to get to a hair dresser is difficult due to the virus that has stopped life as we know it.
    I love your columns you write. Look forward to them. Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 4.27.20

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