Spring Occasion Dress for Petites

  1. Judy Arizona says:

    You’ve done it again Kelly. Your ensemble is stunning. The dress is definitely a statement, also looks so comfy. The accessories are a great contrast in gold. The Ralph Lauren sandals will serve you well for years to come. You look happy.

    • Hi Judy, this dress is so fun to wear! So comfy and I feel great in it, which is the epitome of style, right?! Thank you for stopping by, xo Kelly

  2. Claudia Williams says:

    A young woman who is as size 00 can pull off that look. Kelly looks adorable here (though I would have chosen different footwear for that particular dress.) I fear, however, that an older woman who is … more amply sized … will end up looking like a walking sofa if she wears that cut and print.
    I do appreciate how you show us petite clothing options. There are a lot of us women out here who are under 5’4″ and we do want the same fashion choices as our more statuesque sisters!

    • Hi Claudia, I totally get your feelings on “walking sofa” and here’s the thing; I firmly believe that if you feel good, you will look good because of the confidence that feeling good brings. So, wear what feels good! Thank you for stopping by! xo Kelly

  3. LaVonna Lester says:

    Kelly, This is the absolute best! It makes you look tall. I don’t know if it is the continuous print from neck to hem or the flowing line of this dress. It is just adorable on you! I am not a petite, but I do enjoy your contributions and your fresh outlook on things. Keep up the good work!

  4. Melanie Simpson says:

    Hi Kelly, OMG! That dress is adorable on you and I love it with the brown sandals.! I have a daughter around your age that sometimes tells me I don’t need to be so “matchy matchy”…..think shoes and purse…lol..I’m 5”4” and love that this comes in petite!! Thanks for modeling this dress….so versatile ❤️

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