what to wear to work

  1. Pam says:

    Superb ootd Beth. Question–do you find that your feet swell making it hard for the tied straps? That’s the main reason I don’t wear anything that ties around my ankles.

  2. Lisa Combs says:

    What a great, stylish but classic choice! I adore black and white, and your choices all have a bit of flare!

  3. Suzi says:

    Love the black and white, so cool and comfortable looking while polished and sophisticated. Great professional outfit.

  4. Mary says:

    The jury has been out on these pants, however this pair has won me over. Love them in white with the black top. My aging feet would toss the sandals out after 20 minutes, but they look darling on you. I like the way Ann Taylor shows various options for wearing these pants with different tops, shoes, etc

  5. Suzanne Smith says:

    That’s a win. Lovely look, Beth. I’m a fan of the wider leg pants here and there–they look great with the slim sleeveless top for balance, and I love the sweater with it, too. Very chic in black and white.

  6. Pinky Lee says:

    I love the idea of more posts on what to wear to work! Hope there will be more options to inspire us in the future. I couldn’t get away with this adorable look in my button down legal office, and hope there will also be more formal office wear outfits from you. Thank you for your dedication to looking your best and by example prompting us to follow suit (pun intended). 😉

  7. Chris says:

    GORGEOUS and SO SOPHISTICATED! This OOTD is one for your record books. This is one of my favorites Beth!! AWESOME! Wish I worked in a place where I could wear this. :(. I work in a family owned business where it is very casual and dealing with tradesmen all day.

    But I could see it at other functions as well!

    I agree with others on the shoes – I don’t know how you do it with your heels. At 61 I need comfort!

    LOVE, LOVE, ❤️

    • Beth Djalali says:

      i honestly think my feet don’t have any issues since i’ve worn different heel heights from ballet flats to stilettos on any given day. maybe if i’d worn heels day after day things might have been different. knock on wood i can still rock heels!

  8. Linda says:

    Beautiful outfit! My working days are over (three cheers!) and now I reap the benefits golfing, swimming & relaxing. Love the wider leg pant. Bought the Talbots printed pair & they look sharp dressed up. Your outfit easily transitions to a chic, country club dinner.

  9. R. Dawson says:

    Love the top but the proportion of the pants isn’t for me.

  10. Janelle says:

    Beth, you look fantastic in black and white anything! However, this looks more like a date night outfit with Mr. Style to me 🙂

  11. Frannie says:

    Really cute outfit. Love the Peter Pan Collar and wide leg pants. I would wear this to work. Only wish I felt comfortable wearing sleeveless tops. My arms could use some serious toning. I would probably keep the sweater on all day.

  12. Terry Brady says:

    Love the outfit but dont feel the shoes are safe (open toe) or acceptable in most offices.

  13. KarenT says:

    Such a striking outfit! Love it!

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