Mother of the Groom Dress Series, Part Two

  1. Joy says:

    Can you top this?
    Will wait and see but this is simply pretty-

  2. Carolina Girl says:

    Wow, Beth! Just dreamy! So flowy, artsy and quietly elegant. I know your options are all good but THIS ONE …!

  3. Kerry says:

    Beth, since I made a comment last week about the dress you modeled I felt I better respond this time as well. I love this dress on you, it is incredibly flattering and I thought of Monet immediately as well. You look stunning, classy and beautiful and I can just see this dress flowing as you dance. If next week’s is even better I can’t wait to see it! Much luck and joy as you shop on Friday!

  4. Erin says:

    Absolutely stunning! Like this more than the previous gold dress, but that was beautiful, too.
    What about silver metallic accessories for this dress? That would look beautiful as well.

  5. Peggy says:

    hmmm, to me the gold dress was more WOW (even though I commented that it was not the best for your hair color.). But this dress goes better with your hair color and yes, would be much better to dress in than the gold dress. Curious as to why you chose gold jewelry versus silver and the blush shoes versus silver. I can see the blush shoes blending in, but the purse is not the best choice in color for the dress. Could you take us through your choice process? It will help when we have to do it for ourselves.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      I’m curious as to why you think silver is a better choice?

      • Cheryl says:

        I absolutely love this dress! And I agree with those who favor silver crystal shoes…the dress seems to be a “cool” color, and imho, silver would bland better than gold….also sparkly diamond ( or rhinestone)earrings?
        Silver leather wouldn’t look as elegant as gold, but these sandals would. Again, imho.
        Love the dress….Id buy it in a heartbeat.

    • Lisa says:

      Beth you look like Grace Kelly in this dress! So beautiful on you and classy! You look beautiful! What a fun event coming up for you and your lovely family! 😇

  6. Joan says:

    That dress is exquisite, and you look lovely in it!

  7. karen kappmeyer says:

    You look lovely in both dresses Beth. I do like this one better though. Cheers to the bride and groom!

  8. I loved the gold dress modeled last week, and thought it was stunning on you, but I like this one even more. The color is so nice on you. Makes you look even more stunning! I think gold or silver would work for accessories. Maybe the other ladies thought silver would work better because of the color of your hair. whatever you choose, you will look great!

  9. Dottie Willard says:

    I love this dress on you! Absolutely stunning! I too think silver accessories would look so much better, and definitely a different necklace, Something also romantic and not so bold commanding attention.

    Will be hard to beat this one!

  10. Ann says:

    Absolutely love this one. It’s elegant and romantic.

  11. Pam says:

    The color of the dress and your hair and skin tone look amazing. The other dress was beautiful, but this one is my choice. I would suggest a simple sting of pearls.

  12. Kathy says:

    This choice is gorgeous! While I am a silver gal myself, I see the gold accessories working just fine with this lovely gown. I think gold works well with your skin tone.

  13. Debbie says:

    I love this dress on you! You look stunning! You should post your fitness regimen so we all can look amazing in a strapless gown! This one is a keeper for sure!

  14. Charlotte Prow says:

    This dress is beautiful on you Beth! It is definitely the romantic look. I love how it flows and it looks like a painting. I can’t wait to see next week’s dress also! This is so fun.

  15. Manderlay says:

    I love the “puddling” of the hem, but how do you keep from tripping. I am “a certain age” (same as you) and I am always worried about falling.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      None of the dresses have been altered. They’re straight off the rack. When I make my final decision I will take that dress to my tailor for all the nips and tucks, including hems.

  16. I really like this dress and I think you look better in this one. The silver shades look lovely on you.

  17. Janet says:

    Wow, Beth! If next week’s choice is as fab as these two have been, then you are in huge trouble—how to decide???? You look absolutely stunning in both of these dresses and I eagerly look forward to next week’s reveal! About the accessories—I think the opposite of the “expected” color of metallic is always a more interesting choice just as you have done here. Silver is the expected choice with grays, but gold makes a statement. But as you always tell your readers, the best choice is always the one that you love and feels right for you! By the way, are you going to tell us about your rehearsal dinner, etc. outfit choices? We are all enjoying your exciting upcoming event vicariously! Thanks for sharing with us.!

  18. Jo says:

    IMO, this is GORGEOUS, but toooo busy. MOG is to show up and not upstage anyone. I greatly prefer the elegant, soft gold one of last week. If MOB is in solid color, you should be also. Will look much better in photos.
    Both dresses are lovely and elegant, tho.

  19. LaVonna Lester says:

    This dress is just stunning on you! I think the way the dress is constructed makes it appear to be custom made for your shape and it appears to glide and float on your frame! Beautiful!!
    On a side note, I have recently discovered Susan Shaw Jewelry, I would like to see you showcase some of the pieces they make.

  20. Judy AZ says:

    This is the one. Very elegant.

  21. Judy C says:

    Beth this dress is gorgeous. Stunning on you. So far this is my favorite.

  22. Carol says:

    Absolutely stunning! You looked good in the gold but this one is over the top. It also looks soooo comfortable. Cannot imagine what’s behind door #3.

    • MaryLynne says:

      I am going to be grandmother of the groom in June. I love this dress and it is perfect on you. However my 80 year old skin needs to be covered. I hope I can find something in similar fabric with long sleeves and a modest neckline. What color are the bridesmaids wearing? Can’t wait to see next week’s dress

  23. Ellen says:

    One split second of seeing you on my screen and I said “yes to the dress” for you! It is perfection!

  24. Cindy Marroquin says:

    It’s going to be hard to beat this absolutely beautiful and classy dress! This is my Vite!

  25. This dress looks prefect to dance in, and I love that it has it’s own corset. But I can’t WAIT to see next week’s dress!! This is exciting!!

  26. Kenzie says:

    This dress is stunning on you. The fall at the back is beautiful – so elegant. My personal preference would be the shoe with the sling back as mules can be hard to keep on especially when dancing.

  27. Lenore says:

    Just lovely. The pleated bodice makes this so interesting. Thanks for showing us the back. This dress is so attractive on you. Thumbs up!

  28. Nancy B says:

    Beth, you’re making this hard! I loved the champagne dress last week and I still do, but the floor length of this gown to me puts it in the lead! And it will look amazing in group photos as well.

  29. Susan B Boyle says:

    The Monet-esque gown is fantastic on you. Splendid colors.

  30. Melinda Silby says:

    MOG dress #2 has a more romantic vibe then the first choice. I think the color, style and fit is simply wonderful. You look so comfortable too in this style. Of the two dresses previewed I think this is the better of two hands down!

  31. Deborah B says:

    Oh my goodness – this dress is gorgeous! You look lovely in it – no doubt, my favorite so far 🤍

  32. gablesgirl says:

    Love this dress on you and not just because Rene Ruiz is a friend. Not sure you can top this!

  33. Nancy says:

    Pretty, understated, but I’m not partial to gray. Kind of a depressing color? I know the dress has other colors in it, but I think you’re more stunning in colors.

  34. You look absolutely stunning in this gorgeous gown. Your coloring, hair and stance proves this may very well be the one. While the other gown is gorgeous as well it didn’t do anything for your overall demeanor. Both are beautiful but this one presents you, while to me the other is presenting itself.

  35. Chris Day says:

    Hi Beth
    The gown is absolutely gorgeous, however, I think silver accessories would match the mostly grey colour of the gown and highlight your beautiful blue eyes.

  36. Rhonda says:

    Ohhhh, Beth! This dress is so flattering on you!! I love everything about it–the colors, the fit, the style! You look perfect in it!

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