Mother of the Groom Dress Series, Part Three

  1. MP says:

    I think you should strongly consider the black dress with hot pink floral design. So beautiful, so elegant. That dress looks amazing on you.

  2. RORY says:

    LOVE that first dress. The color is awesome on you and it fits you perfectly.

  3. Peggy says:

    oh my, the jumpsuit with full, detachable skirt is dramatic! But I like the Caribbean blue one shoulder dress also. I’m assuming you are going with the burgundy. Too bad you don’t have another event for the blue–it is dramatic, also, and looks great on you. the burgundy will definitely look better with the hunter green–as the gold dress would. You will have to get permission from the bridal party to post a picture of all of you!

  4. Celine Stanasolovich says:

    This jumpsuit/dress is magnificant!! It looks amazing on you. The green one shoulder is also beautiful. I can’t wait to see day of wedding photos. Enjoy!

  5. Carolina Girl says:

    I love your pick! The color is stunning on you, the bow adds panache and the jumpsuit is a bonus! I still hope you keep the “watercolor” gray dress, just to have it to wear … that’s one I also thought did you justice.

    Thanks for sharing; it’s all very exciting!

  6. Sue says:

    Beth, you look fabulous in all the dresses, but this one is definitely my favourite. It’s elegant, the colour is gorgeous on you, and the jumpsuit just gives it a modern edge. And you’ve basically got a different outfit for later – love the sneakers! I took some silver ballet flats to change into for the dancing at my daughter’s wedding and it was a good move.( pun intended, lol. ) 😊

  7. Hetty says:

    This dress/jumpsuit is elegant and simple. Absolutely STUNNING on you! It gets my vote.

  8. Ann Klein says:

    Go with the jumpsuit. It is stunning on you!

  9. Carolina Girl says:

    Love your choice! The color is great on you, the bow adds panache and it fits to a T! The jumpsuit/skirt is a bonus! Excellent choice!

    (I do hope you keep the gray watercolor dress just to wear whenever because I really adore that on you also.)

    Thank you for sharing this journey!

  10. Kathleen says:

    I love love love the jumpsuit with the detachable skirt! Looks fantastic on you. I also loved you in the black dress with the hot pink floral. Both of those are winners.

  11. I liked the color of the burgundy dress, but didn’t. care for the jumpsuit underneath. I really liked the dark blue navy with the hot pink flowers. Beautiful! Glad you didn’t go with the black tiered ruffle dress. Least favorite.

    • Kimberly says:

      I love, love the jumpsuit on you Beautiful , elegant, classy.. All of words to describe you. The color is gorgeous on you and I love the earrings. Your children should be very proud of you. You are a timeless beauty..

  12. Jo H says:

    This is perfection!!! Plain (but luscious color), fancy (but simple cut), elegant yet
    comfy!!!!! Perfect for photos and fun. The best item you’ll be wearing is a wonderful smile. Enjoy their special day!!!!!

  13. Julie Weick says:

    Where is the second dress that was soooo beautiful . It look like a cloud . These dresses are nice but the second multi color dress was different and oh so elegant. Second pick would be the blue. Shows your figure beautifully.

  14. Judy C says:

    Love this choice. I think this dress had your name on it. I also liked the black and pink gown. Very pretty also.

  15. Colleen says:

    Love the jumpsuit with the skirt!

  16. Kathy says:

    This burgundy gown is fabulous on you. It will be a wonderful, fun gown for the wedding. . I hope you kept that grey green watercolor gown. I thought it was beautiful too!

  17. Kim says:

    My favorite is the Gold gown, perfect for New Year’s Eve

  18. Melanie Simpson says:

    Wow!!! I love, love, love the Burgandy jumpsuit! It really looks amazing on you Beth. And I love the sneaker idea!!! And as someone else said it’s like a 2 for one outfit!! Wish I had somewhere to wear that to and I would purchase in a heartbeat. The countdown is on and you’ll look spectacular!!! Cheers!!!

  19. Hi Beth, Oh my the dress and jumpsuit are gorgeous on you and a wonderful choice. I have two issues though. One is having to use the loo in a jumpsuit is never easy or comfortable, but I’m sure you have given this thought and two PLEASE wear some brighter lipstick that day. You are so beautiful but when I see you without lipstick compared to all your beautiful photos with it you just look sickly and washed out. I think you won’t want to look back at your pictures and regret looking like you had the flu. Some of us just need that pop of color :)!

  20. CharM says:

    Beth, when I seriously doubt something in life, the answer probably is NO. It’s crucial YOU wear the dress, not have the dress wear YOU. Tailoring can moderate a massive skirt. I agree with your off-shoulder style preferences. Your coloring best comes to life in clear colors, neutrals, and soft metallics (think subtle bronze, something between harsh gold or silver). Muddy shades, even in colors we love, may not bring out our best. You carry off the trimmer silhouettes beautifully.

  21. Robin says:

    I love the jumpsuit. It’s beautiful, practical and you have the figure for it!

  22. Marian McCarthy says:

    This is great, Beth! Go for it!
    I love that you considered what the MOB is wearing. What a stunning seasonal contrast to the hunter green gown.
    Also, THAT JUMPSUIT with the Louboutin sneakers!!
    My daughter’s wedding party all wore Five Fingers sneakers 11 years ago under formal attire. No one stumbled at the outdoor wedding, and everyone could dance all night in those shoes. Of course, you look great in all the gowns, but I love this and the sporty “boy mom” vibe of the jumpsuit and sneakers!

  23. Kate says:

    The jumpsuit is perfect for New Year`s eve wedding!! Very updated and such an alternative to the standard styles most mother of the grooms wear. After the wedding you can go to a charity affair and wear the outfit. Great job!! and color.

  24. Lindsey A says:

    OMG winner winner chicken dinner! This is the perfect colour for a winter wedding, will look fabulous with the MOB dress colour, and is super versatile for other occasions.

    My second fave was the Antropologie dress in week 1, then the black with the pink flowers. I can see why others loved the watercolour one, though to me the flowers looked blurrier than I’d have liked, even for watercolour, though it was definitely ethereal. The only one I don’t like is the tiered one – maybe it’s the time of year but I just keep seeing it in green and it’d look like a Christmas tree in that colour!

    Excited to see the final tailored version of this with the final hair and make up too. It sounds like this is going to be an amazing wedding, full of love, fun, laughter and joy.

  25. Elizabeth says:

    So many beautiful dresses. Although I’m not a jumpsuit fan, I love the burgundy colour, which will go well with the MOB hunter green dress, and it really is “you.” My other choices would be the teal blue one-shoulder dress (it is absolutely stunning, classy, and elegant, and my favourite overall; might it be available in burgundy?) and the black/rose floral (the pockets are a bonus). You will look wonderful in whichever one you choose. ❤️🇨🇦

  26. Lisa says:

    Wow!! Buy them all! You look fantastic in each one!! Love the burgundy best—and the blue one in the last few pictures with the bow like the burgundy! Love the jumpsuit! You look gorgeous in every dress! How fun!! Love your hair!! Have the best month on all of your trips and the wedding! 🥰

    • Patricia L. Hybak says:

      The jumpsuit is just stunning and perfect for the occasion. That would be my #1 choice of all of them so far.

  27. Kerry says:

    You certainly surprised everyone with this choice, but what fun! This outfit is clearly you! You are wearing it with such confidence and even though the one you took pictures in was too small, you look happy and ready to party! I think you have found the perfect combination of glamour, class and fun…everything you portray in your blog. Enjoy the celebration!!!

  28. Caron Grainger says:

    My fave of the 3 you’ve shown us was the silver grey one. Looked beautiful on you, fit and colour. Particularly the colour which I felt lit you up. Any which way, you’ll look fab on the big day, and in the meantime enjoy your med cruise!

  29. Nancy B says:

    I absolutely loved the first 2 dresses you styled a few weeks ago, but I think the burgundy dress/jumpsuit is really perfect in so many more ways. It’s genius that you can convert to a jumpsuit for dancing!

  30. Sylvia Espinoza says:

    The jumpsuit gets my vote for its fresh, modern, vibrant look! Who better to wear it but you, Beth, our “Style At A Certain Age” inspiration! Wishing The Djalali Family a joyous wedding

  31. Lisa Hays says:

    I didn’t think you could top dress #2 but I do like the jumpsuit. I couldn’t have come up with that idea in a million years but I love the color on you and for the time of year as well. Go snag dress # 2 just to have in your closet for something else!! 🙂

  32. Pam Schulte says:

    I love the black and fuchsia gown on you. That’s the one I’d wear.

  33. Kat Lee Dune says:

    Beth, I am here for the burgundy jumpsuit! Stunning! Modern! I think your dance card will be filled quickly.

  34. Rena Berowski says:

    I love everything about this jumpsuit and it’s accessories. The sneakers! Unexpected and comfy. What else could you ask?

  35. Well, I can definitely see why you liked this dress the best! What a great design….and you are right…perfect to dance in! Even has pockets on the gown….you can hardly ever find that!
    I also liked the teal gown, but I think it would be hard to dance in….burgundy it is!!
    Have fun at the Biltmore and your cruise this month. You sure have a ton of energy….. I am exhausted with just Christmas, let alone travel and a wedding!! Good for you!

  36. Rhonda says:

    The jumpsuit with the detachable skirt is BEAUTIFUL on you. And, you will be asked over and over where did you buy it because they want it too.

  37. Meg says:

    The three gowns that you featured were all stand-outs! The final choice is surprising, unique and looks beautiful on you! I think you will be dazzling! (P.S. The sneakers are a cute and practical choice for dancing all night long. My sister-in-law was recently a MOG and she changed into silver sequined sneakers which were fun and comfortable! Enjoy your family’s special night!

  38. Lynne J. says:

    Hi Beth, I have never met a jumpsuit that I like…until now. While you have to have the right figure for it, I love, love, LOVE that jumpsuit on you! And how cool is it that it is convertible. Wow! Great choice.

  39. Diana says:

    Absolutely love the burgundy one. It looks stunning. The color is beautiful on you. Just me, but not a fan of trainors. You wouldn’t be able to dance in them.

  40. Mum says:

    The burgundy is my favorite, hands down. You look amazing in that color! (You always do.) Thanks so much for sharing.

  41. Charlotte Prow says:

    This burgany dress/jumpsuit is perfect! The color looks great on you. It is elegant and fun at the same time! You can dance the night away after you whip that skirt off. It is so stunning and unique.

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