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what’s one thing you’ve always wanted to do but just haven’t gotten around to do it yet?  is it a trip you’ve always wanted to take?  a car you’ve always wanted to buy?  a restaurant you’ve always wanted to patron?  a career change you’ve always wanted to make?  this week has been all about taking chances over here on the blog.  so let’s take another one today and have a little fun here on a hump day.  i’ve got a chic fall outfit for you:  an oversized leather shirt paired with leopard jeans and spiced up with a pair of pumps.  

on monday, we discussed the importance of self-care.  yesterday, we talked about the confidence, wisdom, and freedom that comes with age.  but as we all know, aging can bring about it an unfortunate side-effect:  an aversion to change.  it’s easy to get stuck in our ways.  routines are comfortable.  repetition is therapeutic.   and sometimes it can be really difficult to break out of our self-imposed molds.   

leather jacket, animal print leggings

livin’, lovin’… she’s just a woman 

i’ve found a real easy way to shake things up is to make a simple list of the things i’ve always wanted to do but have never actually done.  and that list can be extremely simple:  eat dinner for breakfast.  go to a heavy metal show with my son.  (indeed i have!) and so on.  and so forth.  you get the idea.    

faux leather overshirt similar leopard jeanssimilar white shirtshoeshandbagbracelet | earrings


leopard print leggings, fall leggings, autumn leggings

lions, tigers, leopard print jeans… oh my 

for those of us that lived through the 60s we saw change on societal level.  (and we’re seeing a similar thing today.)  that sort of change can be uncomfortable, scary, but sometimes necessary.  but not all change has to operate at such scale.  change can happen in our daily lives in small and deliberate ways.  

faux leather overshirt similar leopard jeanssimilar white shirtshoeshandbagbracelet | earrings


 handbag, bag, luxury bag

take, for example, our personal style.  i talked yesterday about my go-to style: modern preppy. 

i love that aesthetic.  and i’ve worked my entire life to cultivate it.  but a departure from my baseline is always good.  keeps me young as they say.  keeps me on my toes.  and today i’ve got a faux leather overshirt from Zara paired with a simple white shirt and leopard jeans.

walk in the park

i’ve spent a lot of time this fall talking about and showcasing animal print.  what an easy way to spice up our wardrobe and break out of our own go-to aesthetic.  whether its snakeskin booties from JCPenny or a simple leopard rint shirt from Banana Republic, i can’t get enough of animal print this year.  today is no exception;  and i’ve compiled a list of similar leopard print jeans at varying price points in the slider below for you.  

faux leather overshirt similar leopard jeanssimilar white shirtshoeshandbagbracelet | earrings


autumn jacket, chic jacket

over the past few weeks, i’ve gotten a lot of comments from you, my readers, asking me to link my jewelry and other peripherals in the blogpost. i usually pull out my handbags for showcase, but today i’ve also got my earrings and  bracelet for you to take a look at.  (keep letting me know what you want to see in the comments, and i’ll do my best to accommodate!)  

alright gang, that’s a wrap!  we’re halfway through the week and headed straight into friday.  stay tuned, as we’ve got a lot of exciting things coming up on the blog in the next few weeks.  (hint, hint:  travel week!).  so many of you have reached out this week, so don’t stop now.  let me know how you feel about change in the comments below.  do you struggle with it?  do you embrace it?  how do you try to get out of your fashion comfort zone?  are you a secret leather lovin’ mama like me?  



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  1. Bobbi Jo wrote:

    Loved this post. Change is hard but once you step out of your comfort zone and experience something different, it feels so rewarding. I’ve experienced many changes in my life and have grown stronger because of them. Love this look. You look beautiful. Bobbi Jo

    Posted 10.16.19
  2. Rae wrote:

    Could you give the length of the faux leather shirt?

    Posted 10.16.19
  3. Janis wrote:

    Great outfit Beth. I can recreate a similar look from my closet. Wonderful fall inspiration!

    Posted 10.16.19
  4. Mary Jo wrote:

    You are rockin’ that outfit! My cooking club’s theme for tonite’s meeting is “Breakfast for Dinner”! Wish you lived closer.

    Posted 10.16.19
  5. Shaza wrote:

    Would love to see capitals in your blog post! Just as it’s difficult to read all caps; it’s difficult to read a continuous string of lowercase. I enjoy your content otherwise.

    Posted 10.16.19
  6. Susan wrote:

    Hi Beth! I feel like I’ve only recently come into my personal style (minimal classic) which I am loving so I’m not too hard pressed to venture into new territory at this point. I agree with you that getting into a comfort zone (or rut depending on your view) can become a real part of life. I like to surround myself with young people which energizes me and keeps me on my toes! Happy Hump Day to You!

    Posted 10.16.19
  7. Anon wrote:

    I remember newspaper articles when girls were first allowed to wear pants to school, and women could wear pants to restaurants (but only pantsuits). I can’t imagine not wearing pantsin public places now.


    Posted 10.16.19
  8. Cal wrote:

    Wow you have lost weight!

    Posted 10.16.19
  9. Elizabeth McDaniel wrote:

    I am SO in love with this ensemble AND your sassy attitude!

    Posted 10.16.19
  10. Elizabeth Anne Smith wrote:

    Hi Beth, I love leopard print but didn’t know how to wear it, today I have bought an autumn colour gilet reversible with leopard print and leopard pumps! I feel so daring, what fun! I really enjoy your posts.

    Posted 10.16.19
  11. Suzanne M Smith wrote:

    Chic look! You’re preaching to the choir here! Change is good. I always tell myself I might be missing out on something that could wind up being my favorite thing I never knew about if I don’t try new things. I took sailing lessons a few years ago because I realized I always wanted to learn. And a number of years ago, on a whim, I bought a few paintbrushes and some tubes of watercolor paints and paper, and now watercolor painting is a huge passion of mine. I love it, and I’d never have had this if I hadn’t suddenly decided to try it. I’m a firm believer that life is short–go for new things and experiences.

    Posted 10.16.19
  12. Ali wrote:

    Massive hug for you, Beth. You seem busier than ever and looking even more fabulous than you normally do.
    But I hope you are also having some ‘Beth-quiet-time’ here and there so you don’t wear yourself out.
    Hello also to that magnificent boy, Oscar. What a style king he is too! Such a handsome pooch.

    Posted 10.16.19
  13. Lisa Hill wrote:

    Love your style! You are looking absolutely adorable. This leather shirt and leopard print jeans is perfect combo. I can’t wait to try this style. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    Posted 10.17.19
  14. Betty (SC) wrote:

    Oh my goodness! I love that leather over-sized shirt! Looks fantastic with the leopard jeans! Beth, your look here has inspired my imagination! I have leopard print pants just sitting in the closet…waiting to be paired now with a silky-looking long topper/jacket that will look smashing with a plain white blouse underneath! Can’t wait now to wear it! Love your accessories today too! – I’m beginning to explore changes now that my age is advancing so rapidly! lol! Now’s the time!

    Posted 10.17.19
  15. Alex wrote:

    You look beautiful!

    Posted 10.17.19
  16. Linda Anderson wrote:

    Well I just ordered the leather jacket shirt on line. I love the look and hope that it will fit. Thanks Beth!

    Posted 10.17.19
  17. Lorel wrote:

    I’m one the gals that takes her classic clothes and every season add trends to get an edgy look. I don’t want to look forever 21 but classy sassy brassy.

    My younger colleagues & my daughter’s young 20s friends regularly ask for fashion advice. I started in the fashion industry ended up in public sector.
    I’ve always set goals for myself. If I’m not learning or mentoring colleges then it’s time to move on. You inspire me & it’s great feeling that we all support each other regardless of age.

    What I’ll love to learn is how to fence & see Greece.

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s style & Oscar update.

    Posted 10.17.19

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