Five Date Night Outfits

  1. Walker Smith says:

    Love the date night outfits. Can you also publish nail polish colors and lipstick and eye makeup for a special occasion.
    Thank you.

  2. Maura says:

    Dear Beth, you look stunning in all five date night outfits! Brava! I especially particularly drawn to the metallic sweater dress. Lovely, feminine and sexy. And thank you for posting about dating after a certain age. I agree with your advice: “A happy dating life relies solely on a happy single life. That means prioritizing self-care. Clean yourself up and get out there.” Beautifully said! Looking forward to next week’s post about online dating! Be well and happy holidays!

  3. Nancy says:

    Beautiful date night outfits! They are all wonderful on you!
    My husband and I go out, but there’s never an occasion where I would get that dressed up. I wish there was, but casual is our lifestyle.
    I watched most of the Golden Bachelor and thought it was great, although Gerry would not have been my type. I love that he picked Theresa and I hope they are very happy together with whatever time they have left.
    Hope you are having a happy dating life, and enjoy the holidays Beth!

  4. Melanie Simpson says:

    Beautiful outfits for date night!! I love getting dressed up and always appreciate new ideas! I loved the “Golden Bachelor”! He was a hottie…haha. Thought the women looked wonderful and I enjoyed a little less drama than usual. . Agree, we all need love at any age. I’m loving my newfound love and companionship at 68. Get out there ladies!!…love can happen at any age!! Xoxo Melanie

  5. Katie Damitz says:

    Lovely outfits. I have maybe one at most two. Occasions per year that would be as dressy. How about some dress casual styles ? Thank you

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