Fall Outfit Inspiration

  1. Janet Reading says:

    HI Beth!
    I also have had to repair things with missing crystals and have found that buying the proper-sized crystals at a store like Michaels, along with jewelry glue called 2000, I have gotten great results. Toothpicks and straight pins work well as tools. Hope this helps!

  2. Diane Johnston says:

    Beth, I love the outfits todat!! I would love to know what brand/color of the polish on your toes.
    Thank you,
    Diane Johnston

  3. Lise says:

    Love the black and white sweater. Still warm out but I know this is the time to get the best selections, and sizes. I am turning 65 in a few months also. You are an inspiration–thank you for sharing of yourself and not letting us older and wiser women become invisible.

  4. Nancy B says:

    The 70’s is my favorite fashion decade as well. At 62 years now I was a tween and teen then and I still have some very fond memories of many of my outfits. Congratulations on your upcoming 65th! You look amazing and are always an inspiration to me!

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