Fall Lookbook 2023

  1. Cheryl says:

    Hi Beth!
    Great lost…I love all the outfits you show today.
    Quick question…what length are the Quince ponte stretch pants? I’m 5’9” and can never decide
    Between a 30” or 32” pant length. The ones you’re wearing look perfect.

  2. Tina says:

    Have loved you and your blog for years. I’m just not liking much that I’m seeing lately. Maybe it’s just me. I’m short at 5’2 so wide leg pants look awful on me. I can do straight leg but then I really dislike the featured tops. Only thing I liked this time around were 2 classic dresses you modeled. Oh well. On the bright side if this is the trend for fall I’ll be saving a lot of money!

  3. Frances Brown says:

    Beth, I love your blog… look forward to it every day. I even cut and paste some of you pics in my “fashion guidebook” for shopping. But I have a question…
    Why are the pants always so short? I know in the summer crops are the thing. But all of these fall fashions are ankle length, and they’re not all leggings. Why?
    I think a longer length pant, especially with a heel, lengthens the leg and makes one look taller and slimmer (who doesn’t want that??)
    Is there an explanation I am missing?

    • Beth Djalali says:

      Hi Frances!
      Cropped flare pants are on trend and have been trending for the past few years. There are several options for pant lengths so if you’re not into the shorter length you have choices in 2023.
      As far as lengthening your legs, definitely go for a longer length with shoes that match the color of your pants. But looking taller and slimmer isn’t my only objective when putting together an outfit. Sometimes, I want to be on-trend, other times it’s a long and lean look or other times like a pair of boyfriend jeans I just want to look comfy yet stylish.
      Hope this helps!

  4. Lise Howe says:

    I liked all the outfits except for the frayed jeans. Not my thing anymore.

  5. Dawnine says:

    You look wonderful in all of the outfits, the black long sleeved dress is especially stylish. The belt, boots and two toned purse are so perfect for fall.

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