Chic Fall Style from Nordstrom

  1. I love cashmere sweaters and this look! I have a couple of questions. I have ordered at least 6 cashmere sweaters in the past 2 years, and they only last about that long. I put them in my cedar
    chest and wash by hand. and lay on sweater rack. One from Talbots, one from Nordstrom and another by J crew have gotten a hole in them and pilling. I am wondering if I should be buying $300 or $400 dollar sweaters from other brands? Not sure why this is happening? Any thoughts on this? Thanks

    • I always dry clean mine. It’s worth the extra money when you have that much of an investment!

      • Patricia Yak says:

        you may need to supplement the cedar chest with cedar blocks or mothballs. it sounds like your chest is not strong enough to repel the moths. pilling naturally occurs. use a cashmere sweater comb to gently remove the pilling

      • Thank you I will take that advice. Another person had told me that she always hand washed them. Are your cashmere sweaters, a higher price point? I just bought one from Ann Taylor and will definitely dry clean it. It was $298.00 sweater.

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