summer style at the beach

  1. Dessie Irvin says:

    Beth, this is why I adore your blog! I absolutely agree with your attitude and philosophy about age and style. I am a few years older than you..63..and I love it that you are not held down by the notion that we should avoid certain styles, trends or lengths because of our age. I discovered your blog this past winter while recovering from foot surgery…Athens Orthopedics. I am a native Georgian living just 50 miles NE of you. Since discovering your blog I have completely cleaned out my closet and am now building my Basics wardrobe. Thank you for your time you spend doing this and the great advice you share. And, Go Dawgs! (wink wink)

    • beth djalali says:

      hi dessie! it’s so nice to hear from you. thanks so much for stopping by. i’m a firm believer that age is irrelevant to fashion. if an outfit looks good and you feel great wearing it that’s all that matters. i always like to say style has no expiration date. thank goodness! hope your foot has recovered from surgery. i’m certain it was a tough go for awhile. xo

  2. Sophia Britner Montgomery says:

    Beth, you are introducing J Crew into my life! And I thank you! Yes, time to streamline the closet as I do every season, giving clothes to Purple Heart. Makes my life feel less cluttered and back to basics check list keeps me focused.

    • beth djalali says:

      J.Crew and I go way back! They’ve had some bumps in the road the past few years but I feel they are getting their groove back. Happy to share the J.Crew love! Happy shopping.

  3. Sue Smith says:

    Erin sounds delightful. And her kids are beautiful. I love that island–all the dunes are so serene. It’s always inspiring to me to see women supporting other women in businesses. Kudos to both of you. Cute outfits!

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