spring stripes

  1. Monica says:

    Hey Beth…..you and I are the same age, and I totally agree with you regarding fads. I’m not sure I want to invest in the Cold shoulder or off the shoulder….why buy when it will be gone next year! I follow you because of the fact that you wear the best classic clothes. Thank you so much. I check in on you everyday!

    • Sharon Woryn says:

      I agree about that cold shoulder trend—not too many of us at that “certain” age can pull it off.

  2. Sharon Woryn says:

    Great tips and I would add one more: Make sure those sleeves aren’t adding bulk in an area where you don’t want it. For example, if you carry your weight in your hips and thighs, you don’t need bell sleeves adding more bulk to that area. If you carry weight in your bust, you don’t want sleeves that end at your bust line or widen out there. I know what you are saying about trends—don’t spend much on them because they don’t last.

  3. donnanance says:

    Love the shirt…can’t go wrong with blue and white stripes. The shoes are perfect for spring and on into summer. xoxo

  4. Littleblackdomicile says:

    Love the blue and white combo and indoors is not too shabby either!-Laurel Bledsoe

  5. Sue Smith says:

    cute top! I like that it’s not too off the shoulder–sometimes, when I’m trying on a trend, I’ll think “is this really age appropriate for me?” and when I find myself asking that, the fact that I’m asking it usually makes me think twice. I’d wear that, though–I like it!

  6. Shelagh Monahan says:

    Love your looks!

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