retro silk button front

  1. Jan says:

    Love the outfit! And, I do agree, your workouts are working! who doesn’t love a new pair of jeans, especially in a SMALLER size. Big Win! Got to ask– how in the world are you getting your hair so straight with all the humidity??? Please let me in on your secret. I’m struggling over here on the east coast of North Carolina.

  2. moiraeve1 says:

    Love your accessories with this outfit! And special shout-out to Mr. Style for his color composition, interesting angles, and visual texture such as the peeling utility pole, which adds such a delightful counterpoint to your gorgeous ensemble. You both knocked this fashion shoot out of the park!

  3. beth djalali says:

    thanks for you input, gina! good for you that fitness has been added to your routine. i’m certain you feel great. nothing like a sweaty workout to put a smile on your face. xo

  4. beth djalali says:

    thanks for your feedback, sophia! isn’t this blouse fabulous?! love the colors. xo

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