chinos, stripes, and tees

  1. Candy Thomas says:

    You are always so cute! I love your classic style.

  2. Sue Smith says:

    Classic casual. I almost always have a sweater wrapped over my shoulders–helps even in the air-conditioned summers we have here.

    Most any flowers attract hummingbirds, but they love long tubular flowers: our red honeysuckle on our arbor, they love petunias, bee’s balm, cleome, Just remember not to add red dye to the nectar–they are harmed by it, and they’ll find it without the red color. But in all honesty, they like most any flower! We always put feeders out, but I admit, if we have lots of flowers, they prefer to head right there over the feeder! We see them all over our garden. We have a huge, meandering bed, with tons of flowers. We have tons of perennials and always plant annuals, too, and have potted flowers scattered around as well. We’re big bird feeders and gardeners. And our bluebird house has a new batch of 5 babies–we’re psyched! We’re doing our part to save them.

    Have fun at the nursery–my favorite thing to do this time of year–all that color and the gorgeous smells!

  3. Dori Firman says:

    I love your style! -A lecture I went to on building a hummingbird garden emphasized that we should look for plants that resemble ice cream cones and dinner plates to attract the little guys.

  4. DriftwoodLover says:

    I like the lighter pants! Nice switch.

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