1. littleblackdomicile says:

    Got to head out to Tampa all day to meet clients…once again you just gave me the blueprint for the day!-Laurel Bledsoe

  2. Sharon Woryn says:

    Going monochromatic is so slimming and the white jacket makes it look fresh. I am wearing a navy top and navy slacks today so I guess we are on the same wave length. Now to decide how I will top off this outfit. Once again, thanks for the inspiration.

  3. donnanance says:

    The jacket is just perfect for topping off a monochromatic outfit! I checked it out on C&B’s web site and it is blush pink, instead of white, which I thought it was. Nice jacket…maybe I need one…ha! xoxo

  4. Very pretty Beth. All garments are just the right length and work so well together.
    I have to ask, what is your most worn garment ?

  5. Sue Smith says:

    Cute jacket! I haven’t broken out my shoes like that yet for spring, and I am about ready to do so. Looks great!

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