Affordable Clothing Brands

  1. Excellent newsletter today. Spans the over 50 age range, affordable and still fashionable options, and for those of us whose taste follows yours, provided reminders that we may already have some of these items and how to style them with accessories. If it’s not too personal, we followed you sometime ago on your recovery from knee surgery, I think. Many of us may be facing or recovering as well. It’s summer and I have a big old scar. What to do? Cover it up? Let my determination to age well shine? Ways to care for the scar? How can I find those posts again?

    • Beth Djalali says:

      Hi Barbara! I’m happy to hear you liked today’s post.
      As for your knee scar if it’s recent then I recommend Vitamin E. Rub it onto the scar and massage for ten minutes or so. Otherewise, I would just embrace the scar!!!

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