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today’s post is short and sweet. like my new ‘do’. for some reason, i always whack my hair off mid-summer. these are photos from last year’s pixie but this year’s version is similar if not shorter… more photos to come.

but i wanted to hop on today and share a few of my favorite Nordstrom skincare, makeup, and hair care products available at the opens in a new windowNordstrom Anniversary Sale. it could just be my imagination but i think Nordstrom selections are much smaller this year than years gone by. and inventory limited. many of my favorite items have already sold out so i’m definitely of the mindset to purchase now and if need be return it if i’m 100% in love. thank goodness, the beauty products don’t seem to be flying off the shelves as quickly as clothing.

a few of my favorite brands have some great products on sale at Nordstrom. and i’m adding a few new items to my repertoires like opens in a new windowCharlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk, opens in a new windowPerricone MD Skin and Total Body Supplements, opens in a new windowFresh Dream On Lip Set, and opens in a new windowT3 Cura Hairdryer seeing as my blow dryer just gave out.

i’ve been curious about high-end hair styling tools for some time. the best selling hairdryer is from opens in a new windowDyson. if it’s anything like their opens in a new windowcordless vacuum cleaner then i know it’s a-ma-zing. but opens in a new windowT3 also has good reviews and it was part of the opens in a new windowNordstrom Anniversary Sale. so there you go. i’ll let you know my thoughts after i test it out.

Nordstrom skincare

Nordstrom skincare

some Nordstrom skincare brands that i’ve already tried and love are opens in a new windowFresh Rose Hydration Rush Ritual Set, opens in a new windowCharlotte Tilbury Gift of Magic Miracle Skin Set, opens in a new windowPaula’s Choice Skin Perfecting Exfoliant, opens in a new windowSulwhasoo First Care Special Set, opens in a new windowMoroccan Oil Moisture Repair, and opens in a new windowPerricone MD Essential FX.

opens in a new windowSulwhasoo continues to be a favorite skincare line. yes, it’s expensive but it’s worth every penny. recently, i worked on an Instagram campaign with opens in a new windowFresh and their opens in a new windowRose Hydration skincare products and was impressed. opens in a new windowPaula’s Choice is always a solid skincare choice, and opens in a new windowPerricone MD has radically changed quite a few of their products for the better in the last year or so. 

all right gang, let’s get this day started! happy shopping.



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  1. Julie Mycock wrote:

    Hi beth, I thought you’d had your hair cut short. Hubby Graham was going to buy the Dyson hairdryer for Christmas last year as it was in our local electrical store. My problem with it was that it didn’t have duel voltage as I usually take my hair on holiday with me, no problem in Europe but the States is no use because of the voltage so I didn’t have one. Also the assistant that I saw said it was more of an advantage if you have long hair. My hair is short like yourself, in fact you were the inspiration for the cut and for going au natural. With this is mind though you will have to share your thoughts on it with everyone. On cordless vacuum cleaners another one I can recommend is the Gtech. Not sure if you have it in the States but they have an amazing range too, we find them very good. Have a great rest of your weekend xoxk

    Posted 7.14.19
  2. Susan wrote:

    Beth your hair looks great, you have a beautiful hair line! Thanks for sharing the products, will take a closer look!

    Wishing you and Mr. Style a calm and peaceful weekend!

    Posted 7.14.19
  3. Frances Chigazola wrote:

    I like your new haircut. Looks good on you. I he to admit all these different skin care products confuse me. How do you choose which ones to use?

    Posted 7.14.19
  4. Joanne wrote:

    My hairdresser (that I have been going to for over 40 years – yes 40) recently purchased a Dyson hairdryer. She said it is light weight, which she needed as her arms got tired by the end of the day. Worth the price.

    Posted 7.14.19
    • R Dawson wrote:

      Joanne, mine has one too and told me for the price he wouldn’t really recommend for most home users.

      Posted 7.15.19
  5. Jan McCracken wrote:

    Hey Beth love the new “do”. Just curious, but are u using the Nu face? I had one but after 2 yrs in just quit working. I’m on the fence about replacing. Need your advice, please???

    Posted 7.14.19
  6. Melissa Wulff wrote:

    Love the new do!!!!

    Posted 7.14.19
  7. Diane Sargent wrote:

    A word on the Dyson dryer. I thought about it long & hard…it’s pricey!
    I did buy it. I got it directly from Dyson, so a free gift of a magnetic stand came with the purchase. Good for any hair type, long or short. Pros:
    Lightweight. Dryer doesn’t get hot. Has negative ions for frizz. Dries quickly, even on a cooler setting. ( important for me, my scalp doesn’t get
    scorched, or my hair either, in drying process). Attachments are magnetic. A nice & efficient touch. No cons so far. Works for me……

    Posted 7.14.19
  8. Toni Trotter wrote:

    Love your short hair! So easy in the summer!

    Posted 7.14.19
  9. Diana L Angstadt wrote:

    Beth, I am just a year older than you.. My hair is short like yours.. and I am LOVIN my silver hair!!!! You are so much fun!

    Posted 7.14.19
  10. kristine wrote:

    I love your new hair-cut and it inspires me. I keep my hair short too, and left to it’s own devices, my hair will do exactly what your cut looks like. I fight with it every morning to sleek it down instead of letting it go it’s own way. But seeing that cut makes me realize I should use it inspiration, and to style my hair that way it wants to behave. I feel like my eloquence is seriously lacking…. but please know I will your picture to my next hair cut!

    Posted 7.14.19
  11. I have a Dyson hair dryer and while I like it, I question whether it is worth the high price. Hubby gave it to me for Christmas 2017. The major advantage is that it cuts about 10 minutes off my drying time and I wash my hair every day. The major disadvantage, other than cost, is that it is not travel-friendly. It doesn’t have dual voltage and the cord is very bulky and cumbersome, especially with the “brick” like laptop electrical cords have. So I have a second dryer for travel, a small, dual-voltage one that I bought at Nordstrom (not in the anniversary sale).

    Posted 7.14.19
  12. Sally wrote:

    I also am anxious to see what you think of the Dyson Hairdryer. I have been eyeing it for quite some time but can’t quite put the money out until I hear someone say it is great. The thing I would really like is the reduction in noise. I would like to be able to listen to my AirPods while drying my hair as it is shoulder length and takes a lot longer to dry.
    Let us know pronto!

    Posted 7.14.19
  13. Alice wrote:

    I’ve had the T3 hairdryer for quite a few years, my hair is medium length and I love it. Currently I have the travel size and works for me, it has the dual voltage and used it in Europe without any problems.

    Posted 7.14.19
  14. Sil Hendricks wrote:

    How lovely you look. What a great example you are for women of our age. BEAUTIFUL!

    Posted 7.15.19
  15. R Dawson wrote:

    You are so right Beth — the sale this year is disappointing. My larger store didn’t have many of the sweaters featured and one of the wool coats I wanted to try on. I’m losing weight so prefer not to buy online in multiple sizes but guess I’ll have to. Couldn’t get help in the shoe dept. despite there not being a large amount of customers. I don’t know what’s up with them this year . . . I hope someone from Nordstrom reads our comments.

    Posted 7.15.19
  16. Dee wrote:

    Totally agree about the Nordstrom sale…many shoes on repeat from last year’s sale, disappointing inventory. What have they done to Nordstrom???

    Posted 7.15.19

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