How To Get Taylor Swift’s Signature Makeup Look

  1. Linda Aulgur says:

    Best Column ever! I’ve been fascinated with Taylor’s makeup ever since she appeared on scene with my beloved Chiefs. ( never knew much about her before)
    Go Chiefs!

    • Jennifer says:

      Wow Linda what a compliment!!! Thank you and I am so glad you enjoyed this one! Good luck to your team and I hope we all get some fun glimpses of Taylor during the game 🙂

  2. Nancy says:

    I always love your posts Jennifer! You could say, I’m a make-up addict! As a “mature” woman…way older than you, I still do a full make-up most days, and I am always experimenting with different products, and love to read your suggestions. I am always searching for foundations that don’t sink into wrinkles/look cakey. I’m going to try “Taylor’s” foundation.
    This was such a fun post featuring Taylor. She always looks flawless. Thanks for a little insight on how to get that look.
    I am rooting for the Chiefs!

    • Jennifer says:

      This is awesome Nancy and it sounds like you and I would be great friends with our extreme happiness when it comes to full face makeup experimentation! Good luck to your Chiefs today – I’m glad you enjoyed the T Swift inspo and if there’s ever any other celebrity you’d like me to do some makeup inspo post on please share 🙂

  3. Angie says:

    I really enjoy your content, Jennifer, and your creative topics! Thanks so much for your fun, informative, and helpful posts.

    • Jennifer says:

      Angie I really really appreciate that you think my topics are creative! Honestly, it’s one of THE hardest things about blogging, is just coming up with a fresh new topic or theme!

  4. Carole Vandenberg says:

    I have recently become a fan of Taylor Swift, after watching her documentary. She is a strong, smart young woman who stands her ground and I love that. Her look is part me and part not. (I wear red lips all the time but have darker hair and complexion.). But I love the post. I’m cheering Taylor for the win!

    • Jennifer says:

      Carole, I have become a bigger Taylor fan thanks to my teenage daughter and watching the documentary myself as well! She is quite the strong willed and determined female but also such a girls girl!! So glad you liked this post and I agree, Taylor for the win today since my Falcons aren’t in the super bowl – ha!

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