anti-aging skincare roundup

  1. Jane says:

    For me I have had success getting “perfect derma peel”. I also use ZoMedical products. When I had the IPL, the brown spots resurfaced later on.

    • Beth Djalali says:

      i’ve heard good things about ZO why not let plastic surgeons get in on the skincare game? and, yes, you have to maintain IPL. most likely, i’ll go in for a yearly spot check after my initial treatments.

  2. Sandra says:

    What is your lipstick shade in this post?

  3. Kari says:

    What concealer do you use? Your skin looks wonderful!

  4. Marcia Fishman says:

    Hi Beth – You had recommended the Colleen Rothchild cleanser, which I use at night and love it. I have also been using the Vitamin C oil at night from Elemis and have purchased the cleansing pads from them. I use a Armorapacific cleansing oil in the morning. What retinol product do you recommend?

  5. Andrea says:

    A brave new world for you in skin care!

    I have very few age spots, mostly on my décolleté I have found, strangely enough, if I use my LaRoche Posay sunscreen year round on my face, and anytime my décolleté is exposed, that the spots lighten over time. You will find, with the IPL that as soon as your skin can tolerate it, put on your sunscreen – daily all year. It will lessen or perhaps even prevent their reappearance.

    For your ladies, who like me have psoriasis, etc., LaRoche Posay AP Baume is fantastic. With all the Covid19 stress this year, my skin has been extra sensitive so decided to try their new AP-M baume. It is for children as well, and is designed to repair your micro biome, soothe, and stops the itch. It doesn’t numb like other anti-itch things. The psoriasis breakout on my shoulders is gone in 2 days! No steroids 👏. You might find this new AP-B perfect for your IPL areas. Take care and have fun 🥂

  6. Kate Granado says:

    Hi Beth, Great information. I always prefer to hear cosmetic updates from someone who has actually had the procedure. Was there much discomfort during and after the visits?
    I am a fan of lasers and fillers. I do not want to go for a facelift at this age!
    But I still want to look and feel my best!
    I’ll be back for updates…
    Thanks so much, xok

  7. Susan Kelley says:

    Takes courage to post picture without makeup! I am impressed!

  8. Jackie says:

    So glad to know where I can get grey eyebrow pencil. The only other one I can find is a Merle Norman and it is not easy to find a store anymore . I don’t know why more cosmetic lines don’t carry this color because so many people can use this color.

  9. Lisa says:

    You look fantastic-IPL or not. I have some broken capillaries on my face and I would like to get them removed.

    You’ve been my inspiration to go gray!

  10. Lisa Pettet says:

    Thank you for the information!

  11. Peg says:

    I hope you have good results with the IPL, Beth. I had it done twice for some dark spots on my cheeks and I saw very minimal improvement. At $300 per session I had hoped for better…. but everyone will have different results. You have beautiful skin 😊

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