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what’s an easy way to glam up your outfit? it’s simple. add accessories. from costume jewelry to belts and yes, handbags, accessories are a simple easy way to add spit and polish to any outfit. today, i’m sharing five accessories that i reach for day-in and day-out. while i favor a classic aesthetic for my day-to-day look, an on-trend shoe, handbag, or bauble will keep my ootd looking modern and stylish. today, i’m sharing a few accessories that caught my eye for summer. and i’ve added a youTube video where i chat about one of my all-time favorite patterns. can you guess what it is? well, you’ll just have to scroll down and find out.


wedges are definitely trending this summer. and why not? they are as comfortable as they are stylish and if you think you can’t wear heels due to foot issues, try a wedge on for size. slides are also popular this year and embellishment of any kind is seen everywhere. especially on the heel. this year it’s all in the details.

charming charleston

trend train

not only are scarves a beautiful and chic addition to any outfit, but they keep you warm to boot. or add panache to a handbag when not in use. silk is durable and lasts forever. but skinny handkerchiefs tied around your neck or wrist are on trend for 2017.

tueday shoesday


belts have definitely been a thing of mine for years. it doesn’t matter if they are on trend or not, to me, belts add polish to any outfit. what can i say? i just plain like them. skinny, wide, leather or fabric there is a belt out there to suit your taste. whenever i shop, i always head to the belt department to see what new treasure i can add to my collection.


city girl


so many handbags, so little time. but if you want to add elegance or fun or a casual chic vibe to your outfit pick the right handbag. mini bags are trending this year as are drawstring, floral, and handbags with words. which reminds me of graphic tees. whatever your budget, whatever your preference there are soooo many great handbags to choose from. and they last for years. even decades.

reward style conference

statement earrings

by now, everyone is familiar with statement necklaces. but this year it’s all about a statement earring. it instantly adds glamour to your outfit! from mismatched, yes, there are earrings that coordinate but do not match (i kind of like it), to crystal, to beads the trend in 2017 is all about statement earrings. this time around think sculptural.


gray and white



  1. Rebecca Saffer wrote:

    As I have mentioned before on your blog – I love the way you accessorize, Beth. You have a fabulous collection of just about any accessory needed to make your outfits sing. One comment on this post, though, the images of the shoes, bags and belts have been repeated a few times for some reason. Also, last comment – I love your videos and never find them to be too lengthy!

    Posted 6.4.17
    • today was the day of tech problems. that’s for sure. i think the post is fixed. fingers crossed!
      i’m glad you like the video, i’m having fun over on YouTube. lots to learn. my children want me to keep the videos to about 3 – 4 minutes which supposedly is the sweet spot. but thanks for letting me know you don’t think they’re too long.

      Posted 6.4.17
  2. Sharon Woryn wrote:

    Accessorizing is half the fun of putting an outfit together. When you find the right touches it just gives you added confidence. You gotta’ love being a girl! We get to accessorize. 🙂

    Posted 6.4.17
    • you said it, sharon! it’s fun being a girl. and i love all the extras’s we get to add to our outfits. keeps things interesting.

      Posted 6.6.17
  3. Terry Cornelius Corley wrote:

    Nice video, Beth! As far as keeping the videos to 3-4 minutes…..we girls of a “certain age” have long attention spans and I appreciate as much info as possible! Love your hair!

    Posted 6.4.17
    • thanks for the feedback, terry! my kiddos are millenials so think everything should be short and sweet. but we girls of a certain age do tend to stick around more than a milisecond.

      Posted 6.6.17
  4. Sue Smith wrote:

    The videos are great. You’re getting good! I have always been a huge Audrey Hepburn fan–she’s my all-time favorite: so elegant and just lovely. And yes–I fell in love with her in Charade, Roman Holiday, and Sabrina… I have recently been arranging all my jewelry in drawers and little compartments in a dresser–color-coding them. That’s probably a sign I have way too many to begin with, but my boyfriend’s son and daughter-in-law have a jewelry business and I get lots of gifts! I’m a lucky woman. Lots of good accessorizing tips here.

    Posted 6.4.17
    • wow! i am impressed, sue. color coding your jewelry sounds like the way to go especially when blessed with a large collection. it’ll make getting dressed in the morning a snap.
      what can we say about audrey except she starred in so many of my favorite movies.

      Posted 6.6.17
  5. Wow Beth I loved the video !!
    I think animal print, specially leopard is such a classic and its so elegant as you have proven.

    Posted 6.6.17
  6. Kathysue wrote:

    Great video Beth and very informative too! I am an animal print lover from way back as well. I still have my first pair of leopard mules from probably 20 years ago and they are in style again, same with the belts. I was told years ago to always hold onto belts and scarves because they always come back in and they sure do!!!

    Posted 6.11.17

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