timeless classic | shirtdress


timeless classics serve a purpose. first, they are fashionable. second, classics go beyond trends. third, their cost-per-wear can turn them into investment pieces. one such timeless classic that makes my top ten list time-after-time is the mighty shirtdress.

let’s take a look at the classic shirtdress that’s perfect for a nine-to-five look. add a statement handbag and key accessories, to a simple navy blue shirtdress, and you’re on your way to the office in style. the beauty of a dress is it’s one and done. no fuss no muss. but don’t forget a shirtdress is versatile. it’s a timeless classic for a reason. you can count on this hard-working closet staple for a sophisticated weekend look too. simply add a jean jacket and hat for a casual chic outfit perfect for friday, saturday, and sunday.

shirtdress season

a belt adds personality and elevates your outfit.


patterns and shirtdresses go hand-in-hand. keep the print simple or bold. the choice is yours.

j.crew striped tee, madewell denim dress, ann taylor white denim, tory burch espadrilles

a denim shirtdress can fly solo or turn into a chic topper over denim.

how to wear a denim shirtdress


or simply pop a shirtdress over faux leather pants for a chic nine-to-five outfit.

happy hump day, gang! i’m on my way back home today and can’t wait to see mr. style, oscar, and ollie. they’ve been holding down the fort while i’ve been visiting the crew at HSN. there truly is no place quite like home.

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