swingin’ seventies

the new muse for spring/summer fashion trends is definitely the Seventies. so watch for a variety of takes on flared jeans, hotpants, midi skirts, bright colors, peasant dresses, platform shoes, and my personal favorite – clogs. i was a teenager the first time these trends hit the streets so i have fond memories of boho-chic jeans paired with peasant blouses, safari inspired jackets and dresses, a-line skirts, dr. scholl sandals, and my first pair of overalls (i think i’m on round three of this trend.) what a decade for fashion inspiration! carly simon was definitely seventies chic with her faded blue jeans and floppy hat. and ali macgraw was into the groove with a cloche hat, hot pants and maxi coat. wait, don’t forget the boots. i’m a little more subdued today with my recreation of the boho-chic vibe i was so fond of forty years ago – a soft peach, pleated blouse and a pair of wide leg jeans. sandals go perfectly with this type of look, so i pulled my metallic wedges out of storage and instantly had vivid recollections of hunting down my first pair back in 1974 after Jane Fonda sported a pair of swoon worthy sandals. call me crazy, but the seventies vibe will always hold a special place in my heart, and closet.

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