<outfit post> holly jolly christmas:

pants @Gap; sweater @BananaRepublic; blazer @BananaRepublic; belt @JCrew; shoes @BananaRepublic; necklace @JCrew; handbag @Prada

if you are off to a casual christmas party why not bend the rules a little? i kept the look simple today although i brought in a little bling with my gold necklace, belt and clutch. this is about all the sparkle i show on any given day due to the fact i am the most ‘unblingy’ girl out there. for some reason it just doesn’t work for me – believe me i’ve tried. but give me a schoolboy blazer and a pair of chinos, and voila – i relax, my breathing eases – because this is what i feel content with – simple, comfortable, but eye-catching. you see, i’ve had years and years of trial and error as far as fashion goes, honing fashion into style, and if i have learned anything it is this: you have to own your look. if you don’t feel like the boss when you stand in front of that dressing room mirror then the look isn’t for you. and don’t be persuaded by slashed price tags. i promise, there will be another sale. most likely next week. hone your look, ladies. own your look. there is only one you in the world!