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next in line this week for favorite female authors is @MegCabot who is most famous for writing The Princess Diaries series although my favorite book penned by Meg is All American Girl.

what i most love about Meg is that she writes female protagonists who typically live on the snarky side of the street, but are perfectly adorable in spite of their cynicism. Meg has a gift of creating strong, independent, but altogether human female characters, and she knows how to deliver great scenes page after page in an easy breezy style that pre-teen, and teenage girls can relate to. this book is a nice break from super serious books, and lets face it, we can all use a little chick-lit in our lives from time to time. the pace of the story is quick, the tone light and frothy, but Meg is not afraid to tackle some serious issues along the way. if you are looking for a quick read pick this book up. any age can relate to the storyline and the characters, even though the genre is young adult. if you do decide to read All American Girl, you’ll will find yourself laughing out loud in spite of the dated pop culture references. Meg Cabot is a skilled story teller that totally nails the charming spirit of a teenage girl. remember – cute, light-hearted, and entertaining, not brilliant. Meg Cabot – you are my hero.