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I love your blog and adore your fashion sense! I’m almost 18 and very small and often I find it difficult to fashionably dress or feel confident in my clothing. Do you have any advice for slim and petite young women? Thank you so much!- Macayla xo

Hi @mcylls,

thanks so much for stopping by my blog and dropping me a note! 

as for fashion advice for a petite figure (super jealous as i am anything but that) first off i hope you are shopping in the petite department. Fit is everything, but is especially important for the 5′ 4″ and under woman. clothes made for the petite woman won’t need to be rushed to the tailor to have a pants or skirt hem shortened. and the first thing you need to be concerned about is hem length. skirts and dresses that hit your knee or above would be perfect for you. and your pants should cover your shoes. a good rule of thumb is for the hem to float about a half inch above the bottom of your shoe. 

dresses can help a petite frame look elongated, but, again, fit is important. keep the print and color simple, and add a pair of heels to boost your height.

a nice tailored blazer would be a great addition to your wardrobe, an ankle length jean, and a nice skinny belt as opposed to a big, chunky one. 

reese witherspoon and rachel bilson are petite-sized women who are always impeccably turned out, and can be a source of inspiration for you!

xxoo beth