how to wear winter neutrals

a wardrobe built on neutrals will give you a bang for your buck and facilitate getting dressed in the morning. while i love pops of color all year, round neutrals are the backbone of my wardrobe. since winter has arrived, it’s time to discuss how to wear winter neutrals.

what are neutrals? it’s a color palette defined to be without color. the four most common neutral colors are black, white, brown, and gray. neutrals don’t compete with primary colors. instead, they complement them. many of you know i’m a big fan of color and add my favorites like pinks, purples, or reds judiciously into my wardrobe. pink and black look fantastic together and is a favorite color combo of mine. neutrals can be the backdrop for the bolder, brighter colors in your outfit. but neutrals look gorgeous all on their own. neutrals are easy on the eye, visually balance your silhouette, and are an easy choice for starting any outfit.

how to wear winter neutrals

today, i’ve rounded up a few of my favorite outfits as examples of how to wear winter neutrals. several of my recent outfits of the day have focused on neutrals. notice how jewelry pops against a neutral background and makes a statement. adding texture to a neutral outfit keeps it from looking boring. think suede, pattern, or animal print.

an easy way to build a neutral wardrobe is to select three neutral colors you like and look good on you. then begin to assemble wardrobe staples in these neutral colors.

  • jackets
  • sweaters
  • skirts
  • pants 
  • jeans

think black is too harsh? substitute navy. for me, i wear black all year round, but i especially love it come winter as well as camel, gray, and white. these are the neutral colors that are the backbone of my wardrobe. remember, dark colors recede and help make us look thinner if that’s your goal. light colors advance and make us look bigger.



new year, new you, and new denim

cashmere, cardigans and boots

opens in a new windowcashmere dress |  opens in a new windowduster |  opens in a new windowboots |  opens in a new windowtights |  opens in a new windowhandbag

opens in a new windowsimilar denim |  opens in a new windowsweater  opens in a new windowsimilar faux fur jacket |  opens in a new windowsimilar booties |  opens in a new windowhandbag  opens in a new windowearrings

opens in a new windowfaux leather pants |  opens in a new windowturtleneck | opens in a new window belt |  opens in a new windowsimilar shoes 

opens in a new windowpants |  opens in a new windowturtleneck | similar shoes  opens in a new windowhere,  opens in a new windowhere and  opens in a new windowhere  opens in a new windowhandbag |  opens in a new windowearrings |  opens in a new windowwatch band |  opens in a new windowbracelet

don’t forget to watch this YouTube video where i style five winter neutral outfits. happy sunday, ladies!



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  1. Eve wrote:

    I think i will always have black and grey and the different whites from pure to ivory and cream but the brown colors are what I love right now. Caramel, peanut butter and chocolate colors. Rather like a peanut butter cup. LOL
    I pay attention to contrast because I like a medium to low contrast. You look so pretty in any color.

    Posted 12.20.20
  2. Andrea wrote:

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I also find neutrals visually peaceful. I also find I feel relaxed and at peace when I’m wearing them.

    I adore your caramel suede 3/4 coat with the black ensemble, finished off with the snakeskin shoes 🥂

    Hugs from a Canadian neighbour, Beth 🧸

    Posted 12.20.20

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