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there comes a day in every woman’s life when she needs to suit up. power suit that is, or as in today’s post, power dress. there will always be certain circumstances or events that arise in your life when you need to walk into a room and fill it with energy. maybe it’s a job interview, meeting the in-laws, or an important client dinner. whatever the occasion, i always select a ‘go-to’ outfit, one that will help me convey an air of confidence, ease and authority. the key is to look professional yet feminine, after all, we’re women. a classic cut suit in a light-weight fabric is a perfect choice. think neutral colors with either a trouser or a skirt—your pick—just make sure it fits beautifully. i like to keep my jewelry simple so i usually grab a pearl necklace and add a little bling with a bracelet. make-up should be minimal but i like to punch up my lips with a nice powerful red or dark pink (pink just happens to compliment my fair skin a tad better than red), and if possible, i’ll add a good-looking red handbag to match. heels are a must as i want to boost my height, but think comfortable—i still have to walk gracefully across the room. if you don’t care for pantyhose, like me, be certain to put a little self-tanner on to tone down pasty white legs. lastly, take time to be meticulously groomed, if you are power dressing, ladies, then your hair must be in place, your manicure must be fresh, and your eyebrows must be tidy. the point is to be at the top of your game with the right clothe, and, of course, the right attitude. be fierce, and be the boss.

dress by Banana Republic; necklace by JCrew; shoes by Banana Republic; handbag by Banana Republic

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